11 December 2015

Some Memories...

Days Ago
I was happily snapping pictures of my family relaxing around the Christmas tree while I was trying to figure out more advanced settings on my new camera. Cheetah asked me what happened to the old one. I explained that the baby broke the lens so it doesn't attach well to the camera. He replied "I'm really good at fixing things. Can I take a look?" So he taped the 18-55mm lens on to the old Nikon D40 and started happily taking pictures of everything. I watched him for a few minutes...then asked "would you like that camera?" His eyes lit up for a minute...then he said "No, no. I couldn't take this." So I insisted. Then I got all the gear that went with it and explained the function of each. He got a Nikon D40, 18-55mm (sorta broken) lens, 55-200mm lens, battery charger, and a bag. He was SO HAPPY! "Now I can take nice portraits of my family when we get back together!!" I can't think of a better way to give my old camera..my very first dslr...new life. I hope he'll get many years of happy pictures of his friends and family

Cheetah was talking to his momma on the computer earlier this week and saw me walk by. He said "hey Katie! Can we do the ornament now?" I handed him today's ornament, waved at his mom on the screen and said hello, and then handed him the little devotional that goes along with yesterday's ornament. Both of us smiled while he shared the fall of Adam and Eve, and God's promise to redeem mankind. It was a moment of shared parenting - 2 sets of parents working together for the good of a child. He asked if he could continue the tradition at his house, and his momma of course said yes.

Weeks ago:
It had been a hard day at work.  I cried with owners as we said goodbye to pets and patients.  For whatever reason…I had multiple euthanasias that day, and even more over the previous week.  I was exhausted and sad.  Then I got this text message: “wat can I do to make your day better? So you don’t cry?” I replied “You just did.” 

Months ago:

 Cheetah worked up the courage to try to rock MM to sleep.  Chase gently placed her in his arms, and they settled into the rocking recliner.  MM fussed as she always does, but he persisted.  Soon my little baby was snuggled up with my teenage boy.  He had a huge grin on his face because he was so proud of himself.  Seeing them together made my heart melt into a mushy puddle. Since then, MM has adored Cheetah.  She picked up some of his dance moves (whip and naenae), and crawl-chased him around the living room.  She looks for him when he hides behind a wall or under a blanket.  He tells me he really wants a baby someday…but only 1! Since multiple kids are hard to handle! I think MM will miss him when he leaves our doors.  

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