11 February 2015

New Blog Title, Life With a New Baby, and Fostering

Can you believe I've been a mommy for 5 weeks now?  My little MM is growing way too fast!   I'm so blessed I get 3 months of leave to spend with her.    I've been scrapbooking up a storm (in between rocking a baby and nursing).    It looks like this year my Project Life weekly layouts will be double pages!  I can't seem to limit pictures to just one page.   Full credits to these pages are in my Facebook gallery

  I have to mention this is a kit by Jen Wright Designs called Sweet Baby Girl.  She made it for me to document our new little one's early days.  I love it!  Thank you, Jen.  The next 2 layouts are also with Sweet Baby Girl.

This one is all about taking MM home.  What a way to start 2015, right?!

Our first couple days at home!  I look so exhausted!

Week 2!  BELLY BUTTON TIME!  We're still learning to be parents. 

The second page for week 2.  My mother watched MM while Chase and I went on a date.  He almost had to wrestle the cell phone out of my hands I was so nervous leaving MM at home!

Week 3!  Look how big she's getting!  This week it was really clear that she adores her daddy!

iphones probably weren't created for photo-obsessed, new moms...but I love mine for documenting how fast MM is growing!  Look at that little face!  I just can't take enough pictures!

 In other news, we recently had an update on one of our former foster children.   Let's just say we have a huge decision to make, and we could use your prayers for wisdom...and a job for Chase!  We're not sure what the future holds...or what we are called to do.  My heart goes out to this little one, and I pray God will clarify what our role in his life should be.   Actually...we need prayers to figure out in what capacity we are called to help the foster children.  Are we ready to become full time fosters?  Am I ready to start doing weekend respite again?  I sure do miss them all...Lego Luke & Lando, the 3 Little Bears, Princess Peach, and Scooby & Shaggy.  I hold all of them so dear in my heart.  How does it all fit together?

Peace and Love, y'all!

PS  did you notice I changed the title of our blog?  We are a family of 3 now!

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Christine said...

congratulations your little one is gorgeous! Hope you find the right answers to fostering.