14 February 2015

Cloth diapers

So Chase and I have been trying this cloth diapering thing. So far it's not bad. Breast-fed baby poop doesn't really stink all that much, and it comes off in the wash without any trouble.  After doing a little bit of research we ordered a couple different types of cloth diapers to try out. We ordered some pocket diapers and some diaper covers to get started.

 We ordered six LBB pocket diapers with microfiber inserts from Amazon. So far they work well for our 12 pound, 1 month old baby. We only have had a couple times where poop blew out the sides.  When changing the diaper I remove the insert from the diaper, and throw them in a wet bag. When I'm ready to wash them, I just throw it all into the wash. I run a prewash cycle on cold. Then I wash them with Tide original powder and hot water.  I hang dry the covers and machine dry the inserts.  I've washed them probably six times now and they have held up very well. These are Chase's favorite because they're the easiest to use.  The downside to the pocket diapers is the fact that these have to be washed after every time baby soils the diaper.  Therefore you need a bunch of them!  We also have 2 Bum Genius 4.0 pocket diapers, and they are very nice.  With a total of 9 pocket diapers, we use all of them in 1 day.
We chose to use Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap Covers Size 1 with Osocozy prefolds Size 1 and a Snappi.  These were a little bit more challenging to get the hang of. You have to use a prefold diaper then cover it with the diaper cover.   I use a jelly roll fold on the prefold.  Basically...I place baby on unfolded prefold, roll the leg ends toward the center, bring the rolls up to the front, roll the extra down, and attach a Snappi.    Then you snap on the cover and tuck prefold into the cover.   I actually quite like the system because you can reuse the covers until they get poop on them. This seems like the cheapest route to go. You only need a couple covers to make the system work, and prefolds are relatively inexpensive.  

Since the pocket style diapers will be easiest for day care, I decided to go ahead and order some more.  Based on recommendations from friends, I ordered 12 Sunbaby size 2 diapers.  We  chose the combination inserts.  I'll let you know what we think.  They should arrive in 2 weeks or so.

So far we've spent $200 on cloth diapering (6 pockets, 4 covers, and 24 prefolds, 1 packet snappis) and that would be sufficient if I did laundry every day.   Since I hate doing laundry, I ordered 12 more pocket style diapers for $70.  SO for $270 I will have plenty of diapers for my baby.  The diaper wraps will fit her until about 18 pounds, but the pocket diapers are all 1 size.  I plan on saving all of my diapering supplies for the next baby.  

Mary goes through about 8 diapers a day.   Let's say that decreases as she gets older.   6 a day X 365 =  2,190.  Most diapers I've looked at are around $0.20 per diaper. That's $440ish for the first year.  I plan on using these for the next baby so it seems clear that we'll save some money-even if I take into account washing/drying. Plus we'll not contribute as much to land fills ;)

I hope this post helps somebody.  Starting up with cloth diapers can be daunting, but I think it's worth it in the long run.

Peace and love, y'all

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