17 December 2014

The Home Stretch (week 37)

So I'm in the last bit of week 37 now.  

So here's a belly shot with my stretch marks in all their glory.   I guess they aren't too bad.   So what does week 37 feel like?  In a word...uncomfortable.  It's hard to tie my own shoes!  

Any contractions?
Not sure.  No...I'm serious.  I don't know.  Last week there was a morning I woke up with an intense pain just on the right side.   I had to lay down to put my shoes on.   Was it a contraction?  Was it acid reflux? I don't know.  The doctor said the baby could be pushing my stomach down and into a funny spot.  I also have these little crampy spasms at random.  Are those Braxton Hicks?  I honest to goodness don't know.   Lol, I"m so clueless, I'll probably be well into active labor before I recognize it as labor!  

What about baby?
The little miss Mary is head down as always.  She "dropped" sometime last week, so she's locked and loaded!  I think she's still in the left occiput anterior position.   My doctor says she just reached the 7 pound mark and could come at any time.  My chiropractor said I'm in good alignment (and holding adjustments well).  I probably won't have another adjustment until after delivery :) I've had them every other week for the last month or two. 

Is the house ready?
I don't know... It's kinda mess, and I don't like how the baby's room is arranged!   Our freezer is full of premade freezer meals that I've been working on for the last week though :) And I still can't decide if I should order cloth diapers or just stick with what's easiest!   UGH

Am I ready?
Heavens yes!  I'm ready to have my body back.  I'm ready to be able to curl up in bed.  I'm ready to go for a jog!  I'm ready to be able to move freely again :)  And boy am I ready to have some time off from work to be a mommy!  I know it will be exhausting, but I just can't wait!  I just hope she's not late!  I want to maximize my time with my parents here when I'm a new mommy!