06 November 2014

Week 31 (and more)

As is usual, I'm late in posting.   My well-laid plans to post every week have translated to a blog post every month.  That's real life for you :)

As of tomorrow I will be 32 weeks.   Just a few more weeks before I'll be considered full term.  That's scary!  I still don't feel like we're ready, and I'm starting to have the urge to spend money like crazy!  MORE DIAPERS!  MORE BABY CLOTHES!  MORE BABY ACCESSORIES!!    I'll have to fight to keep myself out of stores at least until after the family baby shower.

The last couple weeks have been very good health wise.   I've still been feeling pretty good overall, but I've had a few more discomforts crop up.  Starting last week, I have terrible heartburn and reflux.  Yuck!  I also have a stretchy, popping sort of pain under my right ribs.  I discussed it with my doctor and she said it is likely my ribs getting stretched apart  as the baby and uterus expand upwards.  I've also got exactly 1 stretch mark (that I can see).  The doctor says everything is looking good.  My uterus/baby measurements are all exactly what they should be.   :)  My appointments have now gone from monthly to every 2 weeks.  In December, I'll see my doctor every week.   The receptionists already know me by name now.

At week 30, a local photographer (Tiger Paw Photography by Connie Harper) did a maternity photo shoot.  It was a complete blast.  I posted some of my favorite pictures.  

This one is probably my favorite because my dogs photo-bombed it!  They just can't be left out!  But man....look how HUGE my belly is!  

This one is just too cute too!