08 October 2014

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester

Well folks, we're on the home stretch now!   It's my Wednesday off and I thought it was time for an update :)

I'm 27 weeks into my pregnancy now.   I'm 2/3 of the way finished!  What's new this week?

I definitely feel rather large.  Sleeping is a bit a uncomfortable as I toss and turn a lot.  Of course the need to pee multiple times through the night doesn't really help.   Other than my rather round and sometimes wiggly belly, I'm feeling great.   This week is the first week I've noticed a linea nigra.  There's a faint dark line from a couple inches above my belly button that goes down my belly.  It's really faint, but very odd for me to see in the mirror.

I'm still trying to come up with our birth plan and decide if we should take a birth class...or just read a book.   When I called the hospital to ask questions about the class they offered, the lady who called me back was very condescending on her message.  "I can walk you through the online registering process if you couldn't figure it out.  Or I can just register for you if it's too difficult...."  Really?   Really?  My questions had nothing to do with registering... Maybe I'm just a little hormonal, but her message really irked me.  If that's what their birth class is like...maybe a different facility will be better...

Here's a layout I created with Jen Wright Design's new kit: Pumpkin Farm Pals.  

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