06 August 2014


Wow!  It's been forever since I played along with Julia at The Stamping Ground's WOYWW!   What have I been up to?  Well....just being pregnant and working full time has taken up most of my crafting time!  The first trimester was pretty rough because morning sickness (that lasted all day) for the first 13 to 14 weeks.  But I'm now 18 weeks along and feeling much better.  I can almost always keep down food, and I can pretty much eat what I want (that's healthy for baby of course).   Most of my crafty projects lately have been all digital.  I'm trying to keep up with a weekly Project Life this year after all there are so many changes happening this year! 

Here's a layout for PL.  I used a kit by Jen Wright Designs called Salt Life.  It's a beach themed kit, but I liked the colors so I wanted to use it for a non-beachy layout :)  I think I used a PL template by Julie Billingsley and font by Darcy Baldwin (now both retired designers).

Here's another layout I made this last week with a kit by Erica Zane and template by Cindy Schneider.  This kit had a fox theme, but I loved the colors so I just had to find a way to use it :)

I've also been trying to document every week of my pregnancy in a Smash Journal.  I love the Smash journal format because it's no pressure!  I can write in question for my doctor, slap in a picture, and do whatever!    :)

 I'm a little behind with it too.  I'm all the way to week 18, but I didn't hardly journal at all for Weeks 16 or 17.  I guess I need to so some catch-up!

Well!  Thanks for popping by!   I'm going to try to pop by a couple of blogs today before I have to head off to work.  

Thanks for visiting!

Peace and Love, Y'all!


Krisha said...

Great way to keep track of your "Bump". You will be so glad you did this years down the road.
Take the words of a G-Ma to heart kido: it goes by faster each year.

Krisha #63

jan spencer said...

Lovely to keep a journal of your pregnancy, morning sickness is the worst thing, I suffered for months too with our eldest, I hope it soon passes completely,
Take care
Jan s. No 55

Anonymous said...

You'll be so glad you took pictures throughout your pregnancy! I wasn't yet a scrapper when I was expecting in 2003/2004 and only took a handful of shots. Thanks for popping over to visit and happy WOYWW! :-) ~ Laura #60

trisha too said...

Congratulations on the baby! Yay! And love the journal, what a great thing, I really wish I'd done the same. You will treasure that book!

Thank you for stopping by, Katie, and Happy Woyww to you!
returning to the WOYWW fold
#62 this week

Stacy Sheldon said...

ooh this is such a cool idea, I wish this stuff had been around ( or I knew about it) when I was PG :) I love the colors of the pages they are so fun. ~Stacy #66

Hammers said...

Congrats! I like the idea of keeping a journal for your pregnancy. I am fond of smash too and I am using mine as an art journal this year. Thanks for visiting me earlier. I too have a crafting bank account :) Cx #64

April Story said...

Great work on your PL pages. I'm behind, but I have all my pictures sorted in order - so I just need to put them in sleeves. :-)
And yes - I created a video stand using pvc pipe and a handle bar attachment for my camera.
April #54

Cardarian said...

Lovely LOs. I am very late commenting on your blog but at least I took time now to have a good look around your blog! Nice stuff! Keep up the good work!