25 June 2014

Little blob, big future

Sorry for the radio silence for over a month now!   I've not been feeling the greatest, but in the best way possible.   I found out recently that we will be adding a new family member soon...and not in the way that I usually blog about.   Our little bundle of joy is due January 2, 2015.  So that means I'm about 13 weeks pregnant.  Last month, we went in for the first ultrasound just to confirm the date and make sure everything was looking good.  I've had some right sided pain since week 3 that I had been concerned about.  Unfortunately, doctors (veterinarians included) make the worst patients.   Since the day I found out, I've had a running list of statistics of complications in early pregnancy, miscarriage rates, and all the things that can hurt the baby.  During my first appointment with my own doctor, my family practice doc (who is awesome) took one look at me and said ..."So let's start with your questions..."   

Just for fun and the thought that maybe my experience can help first time moms relax...Here's a summary of my experience with my first pregnancy.

Weeks 3-4 - Awesome. I'm still reveling in the fact that I'm pregnant.  I felt great if not a little tired. I think I might have thrown up 1 time 1 morning.  I remember thinking ...Is this morning sickness?  More on that later... I really had time to just enjoy the thought and start making some crochet projects for baby.  Within a week of testing positive, I also made an appointment with my doctor.  The first visit with the doc was mostly just answering all my questions, and bloodwork.  They drew a lot of blood for all sorts of tests :)   Everything was all normal, except for trace ketones in my urine.  The doctor says that's probably normal too since my metabolism is changing.  The only other signs I experienced were very mild cramps like my period was coming and a pinching pain on my right side.  The right sided sharp pain had me a little stressed about a possible ectopic pregnancy (even though I have NONE of the risk factors). 

Week 5- cramps are starting to dissipate, but I still have that pinching pain.  The doctor said it's probably round ligament pain.   

Week 6 - Like clockwork...as soon as week 6 rolled around the vomiting began.  I have no idea why they call it morning sickness when it lasts ALL DAY.   The miserable nauseated feeling never fully goes away...  During this week, I spent the first 3 days puking my guts out and exhausted.  Soon, I figured out that I HAVE TO EAT...even when I don't think I can keep it down.  If I get the tiniest bit hungry...the vomiting starts.  So I started eating small snacks almost constantly.  My favorites: apple sauce, apples, jello, saltines, bananas.   When I'm home, I ate bowls of cereal like it was my job!  Favorite cereals: Fruity Pebbles, Marshmallow Mateys, Cheerios, and Raisin Nut Bran.   I wouldn't say I'm having cravings, but I have aversions to most food.   So if I feel like eating something, I eat it.

Week 7-12 - All day NVP (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy) continued.  I started getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.  Most of that weird cramping is gone.  I still get the hiccups EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Here's a picture from Week 11.  That week, I just barely started showing a tiny baby bump.   My clothes started to fit just a bit too tight.  I went out with Chase to pick out some stretchy skirts. I'm really glad maxi skirts and dresses are in style!

So you want to know what the first trimester feels like.... Well this picture pretty much sums it up.   I keep big bowls strategically placed around the house in case I don't make it to the bathroom.   Anything can set me off...a commercial from a former favorite restaurant, the smell of Chase cooking my favorite food, opening the refrigerator, just sitting there doing nothing.     I'm just so tired all the time!  I let the house get really, really dirty.   Well....today the team from MaidPro came by to help me out.  I finally broke down and hired a cleaning service.  AND I can say it was well worth it.  My house feels and looks so much better!

Anyway!  I'm so happy to be able to share my big news with everyone.  Lol...we're still not putting it on my husband's wall though...so be careful not to tag him on Facebook :)

Peace and Love, y'all!  

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Lauren said...

Yay! So excited you are sharing the news now! We shared on facebook at 13 weeks too and it was really fun for others to know. I can't believe you are already done with the first trimester! I'm already thinking that we have to come visit you guys once the baby is here to meet her/him. SOOO excited :)