25 February 2014


So it's Wednesday. And that means it is what's on your workspace Wednesday time. Thank you Julia, for hosting it (http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/).  This week I have a new set of watercolor paints and a blank page on my workspace. What could be more inspiring than that? During my visit to Little Rock Arkansas, I visited Art Outfitters. Beth talked me into grabbing some more watercolor paints. She recommended a brand I haven't before (Daniel Smith Extra Fine), so I'm really excited to give them a shot.  

Something new to my craft room is this China cabinet. I inherited this China cabinet from my grandmother.  It features a lot of my teacup collection. It also features some hand-painted china painted by my great-grandmother.  Both the China cabinet and the hand-painted pieces are treasures to me :)

Of course no blog post would be complete without one of my pets, and here's Ruby. She's right in front of a statue that my brother got me for Christmas a couple years ago.

And just because you were probably curious, here's what's inside the wardrobe.   A couple of months ago, my mom visited and helped me organize everything in here. The neat little labels help me find art supplies, and make it easier to work :). 

Well thanks for dropping by.  For Valentine's Day Chase purchased a gift certificate for a massage. After I get that massage today maybe I'll come back and do some painting.  :)

Peace and love y'all!

At 4 pm today: 


Fuzzie Fingers said...

Thanks for sharing your work space with us. Ruby is so cute.

S said...

It was a pleasure to pop by and see your space, and I consider the peek at the china cabinet of tea cups a real bonus. What a treasure, indeed. Susanne #89

Karen said...

What a gorgeous item to inherit, and scrumptious contents too! Ruby is a perfect addition to your blog:-) Karen 82 x

Sharon Madson said...

What a nice area you have. I see you have one of those Ott lites that is an organizer too. I love mine. :)
Thanks for the earlier visit and for the peek at yours. #85

Claire said...

That cabinet is perfect for such a collection! And I love your tidy art cupboard - in my dreams... *sigh*
Happy WOYWW :)
no. 33

House of Bears said...

Your work area looks extremely inviting and all ready for you to play. Your stash is very organised. Thank you for your earlier visit to the bears

Shoshi said...

Lovely to have a blank slate and some new paints to try! I am sure you will have fun. I love Ruby - what a sweet expression she has! And what a beautiful cabinet full of your treasures. I have one that was my mum's and it's the first time I've been able to display all my knick-knacks together. So precious!

Thanks for your visit and your nice comment. Beatrice is on the mend, but slowly. She's got a urinary infection and is on antibiotics but her operation wound is gradually healing, and she's a lot less sleepy now, although still very clingy!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #86

StampinCarol said...

Beautiful china cabinet!! Such a nice inheritance and a great way to show off your tea cups! Ruby is a cutie, too! Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW!
Carol N #81

Dianne said...

Hello Katie, I hope you had a wonderful massage, thanks for stopping by my nest,your tea cur and cupboard look lovely, they have a Tea cup Tues, which I love to follow,now your cupboard all organized, it's a must to find things, have fun painting with your new paints, Ruby is so cute happy WOYWW, Dianne #80

Julia Dunnit said...

OOOh Katie, your china and cabinet is just beautiful..I am quite a china junky myself, so I love the idea of your treasure!
See you think a blank page and a box of paints is exciting. For me, it's terrifying!!