22 October 2013

The Davions in Your City

The story of Davion had us all wiping away tears.  This brave young man went before a church and begged to be adopted.   “I'll take anyone.  Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. I don't care. And I would be really appreciative. The best I could be” he said.  His courage and his ardent plea for a family to “love me until I die” brought his plight to America’s attention.   “I think I’ll be more successful, and have more opportunities if I had a family.  And I hope that I do find one” he says while wiping away tears.  What breaks my heart…is he was overlooked.   Overlooked for YEARS until his plea went viral on the internet.    It looks like he’ll find his family as 10,000 people have inquired….

Did you know there are more “Davions” in your community?  In your state? Possibly even in your neighborhood?  

Patrick- 14 years old.  He loves arts and crafts, sports, and hip hop dance.  He’s got a fun sense of humor.  He deserves a loving family.

William  - 13 years old.   He loves sports, and can’t wait to find a family who will cheer him on in the stands!  He does well in school and is proud of his grades.  He deserves a loving family.

Samantha  - 18 years old.  Samantha is a devoted catholic young lady looking for a family to help her transition to adulthood.  She loves animals.  She has been in the foster care system since 2005.  She deserves a loving family.
Or what about Anika?  - 16.  She loves football, creative writing.  She has a passion for church where she can be treated like a normal kid.  She deserves a loving family.

Or Justin? - 12. Justin says he feels all alone, but he loves normal boy things like video games and wrestling.  He deserves a loving family.

I picked out just a few of the HUNDREDS of Missouri children to mention here.  There are children of all ages, races, and genders who need a home.
But I’m single…You’re not excluded from this either.  Alicia, here,  is looking for a mother to love her.  She doesn’t care if you are black or white…or how old you are.

But adoption is expensive… WRONG.  In most of these cases, the state pays for legal expenses.

But I can’t afford another child… For most children in the foster system, there are government subsidies that continue to help financially support the children even after adoption.  Many of these children qualify for scholarships so they can go to college.   Additionally, healthcare and daycare might also be covered.  http://www.dss.mo.gov/cd/adopt/masp.htm.  Honey, let me tell you…Chase and I are in more educational debt than most people can imagine, but that’s not stopping us! 

But both of us work…  That’s ok!  Adopted children can go to daycare, and the state may even help you pay for it.

But adoption is time consuming and I don’t want the government nosing around my house…  Well parenting in general is time consuming.   Of course adopted children may have a few additional challenges facing them, but they are still just children who need loving families.   If you were in the government’s shoes…and you had to try to find a safe home for a child in your care, wouldn’t you do some research on a prospective placement’s home?  Of course the government wants these children in loving and safe homes!  Chase and I have been through the entire home study process, and it wasn’t bad.  You know what we had to change?  We had to purchase a larger fire extinguisher, install more child safety locks, post a fire escape plan with emergency numbers, and change our fire alarm batteries more often.   They asked A LOT of questions about our upbringing just to find out what parenting styles we were raised with…

But I don’t have any parenting experience… That’s ok.  Neither did we when we first became foster parents. 

But what if the birth mother decides she wants her children back… After a court has terminated parental rights, that’s pretty much a permanent thing.   After a child is adopted, if the case goes back to court 98% of the time the child stays with adoptive family.

Why do I care so much?   I care because of God.  God loves these children.  God CARES about the orphans and widows in this world, and the church has a God-ordained call to help them. 

Besides…after you’ve seen their faces, how can you turn your back on them? 

Peace and love, y'all

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