02 October 2013

My blind kitten

So this is my precious little blind kitten Stevie. I think we can say that she's probably going to stay in my house,
 but we'll just have to see how it works out.  I keep trying to find her a home, but every time I tell someone she might need surgery they don't seem interested anymore.  Poor kitten, she has some pretty severe congenital defects. She's missing part of her eyelids and she's also got eyes that are too small for her head . So far, she seems pretty comfortable despite these issues. However there's a possibility she might have frequent infections. If that's the case she will probably require surgery to remove the extra tissue (ie, the defective eyes). But for now we'll just keep an eye on her.

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Anonymous said...

oh that is so sad, poor little sweetheart, I hope she manages,