31 July 2013


Thanks to Julia for hosting this blog hop (http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/)!  I'm afraid I didn't make it to many at all last week since we were [anxiously] waiting to hear when to pick up some foster kids.   I'm hoping to have more time today for blog hopping :)

Here's my work table this week.  This is the table I took over when we got a new dining room table :)  I'm working on cards for swaps now.  I've also got my postage scale (used at the moment for weigh a chinchilla that's not been feeling well), various cutting tools, the trashcan (on the table because the dog thinks of it as a buffet), and flower shaped grippers for opening jars (going to try them on the Gelli plate). 

Today is a day off.  I'm hoping to vacuum thoroughly, change the sheets in the guest/foster bedrooms, clean up the chinchilla cage, and dust.   I'd also like to blog hop, watch Star Trek on Netflix, paint, and play with the gelli plate!   We'll see what happens!

Peace and love, y'all!  Thanks for visiting!

EDIT - Noon-  It sounds like we may be getting the boys ("Luke" and "Lando") tonight.  You never know when you'll get that phone call as a foster parent. 

EDIT #2 - I turned off Google plus commenting.  It was ridiculous.
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Laura said...

So admire your fostering work
Hope the chinchy is better soon

Laura said...

p.s. Just realised 'chinchy' might mean something else to you... in our family it's what we call my cousins chinchilla!!

Lynda Norton said...

What a busy time, my bin/trash can is up high too due to the dog. Hope the chinchilla is better now.

Great news for you as a foster parent too.

Lynda #59

Lisa Richards said...

Not doing WOYWW this week, but it looks like we're BOTH doing the Cactus/Succulent swap! Yay! Love the cards!

Roberta B said...

Hello. Well Im Roberta aka Bert #122. And Im new and very slow at this. I seem to get lost in all the goodies in every one sites.. just wanted to say thank you for sharing and letting me peak. Have a lovely day. Bert

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