24 July 2013


So what's on my workspaces this Wednesday?  (to play along go to The Stamping Ground with miss Julia)

Not to much going on,  I just packaged these up to mail to the swap host.  "You Deserve a Medal" mixed media swap.    The awards I made:  Most Flexible Toes, Suvivor of Firework Season, You are my Sunshine, and Biggest Flirt.  Looking back, I wished I had a made a Monday Surivor one lol... I was so clumsy on Monday!

PSA.  As some of you may know, I've been battling spiders in my household.  I now believe I've found and eradicated the...erm...nests of them.  I found 2 gravid female brown recluses(as well has about a half a dozen little spiders.  while cleaning my garage and spraying in there.  Hopefully I have eliminated the major source of my spider problem.  I can only imagine what a sight it was for my neighbors - I dragged every last bit of junk out of my garage.  Swept out the entire thing...as I found the nasty brown recluses...I'd smack them with the broom repeatedly...most likely yelling the whole time.   SQEEEEEE!!!   Cars kept slowing down like looking for a garage sale.   After that, I sprayed the entire garage with a pesticide.    Since the garage was cleaned and decluttered, we purchased shelves and plastic storage bins to keep it that way.   I can officially say - we very likely have the cleanest garage in the neighbor hood.  We also purchased a shop vac...so I can keep the sucker clean without moving everything out again.

PSA:  I just thought I would share how to identify a brown recluse.  The brown recluse is also called the fiddleback spider and that nickname can help you remember how to identify them.  Ok...so you see that the spider has 2 main body segments.  The head/thorax (called the cephalothorax) where the legs are attached and the abdomen.  The cphalothorax is mostly pale brown (tan) with a dark brown shape in the center of it.  The dark brown part is shaped like a violin with the neck of the violin pointing towards the abdomen.  The brown recluse also has 6 instead of 8 pairs of eyes...if you care to count them.  Anyway...here's a picture of what I presume to be a big fat female....ready to put more of the little nasties in my garage.  I snapped this picture right before I launched my broom squishing attack.  As bad as their bite is...they really aren't aggressive spiders...and usually don't bite unless pressed against skin.   That being said, I've become rather strict about making/checking beds, keeping clothes off the floor, and keeping cardboard out of my house.

Peace and Love, y'all!
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