10 July 2013

WOYWW - Morning of art

Here's my workspace today.   I'm hoping to do some watercolor this morning....or maybe make some Moos (once I figure out what they are and what  I want to do).  Also sort on my workspace (the red couch) is a green book I'm working on.   When I've been playing with the Gelli plate, I "clean" the plate and my brayer in/on the book. 

 One of my favorite gelli prints is on the portable desk.   I don't really own a lot of stencils and stamps, but now that I've found a fun reason to own them... maybe i should go shopping.   What are your favorite sources for stamps and stencils? 

 Also on there is the wii remote (for Netflix), 2 prang sets, some source photos for painting, my cup of coffee, and some brushes.  A little list of swaps I want to make cards for is sitting off to the side.  LOL, i'll probably just blog hop all morning and not paint anything.  My poor little dog is on the floor.  She refused to go outside this morning because it was raining.   She keeps running over to the window and peering out.  She's a smart little thing...she'll probably let me know when she deems its safe to go out. 

Thank you, Julia, for hosting this fun little snoop!
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Diana Evans said...

looks like you have all the inspiration you need!!!! have a wonderful day!!!