19 June 2013


Hello fellow WOYWWers!   Thank you Julia for hosting this blog hop!   We all appreciate it!

Here's my workspace this week:

It's my coffee table. It's a great coffee table for art b/c you can just windex it when your done.  I don't worry about getting paint spatters or anything on it!  I've been messing a lot with my watercolors.  I realized I've got 6 different sets (and 1 duplicate), and of course I don't use them all.  SO I made a chart of the colors of all 6 sets.  To be honest, my cheap prangs had some of the most vivid colors :)

Also on my desk are some ATCs I made for some swaps, a postage scale (for mailing returns from swaps), an ott light, my pop tart breakfast, a cup of coffee, and a declogger thing my husband was using on the vacuum.  You see... neither of my 2 vacuum cleaners are functional at the moment.  I'm a veterinarian without a vacuum cleaner....and the fur is starting to pile up!  I really, really hope the belt I ordered will come in today!  Speaking of fur, one fur-contributor is in the top left corner: Ruby dog is wondering what I could be taking a picture of (instead of putting her diet dog food in her bowl).

Hopefully today...I can clean a little, repair at least 1 vacuum cleaner,  and do some painting!

ps - Gus-gus is doing much better this morning (after being attacked by Bert last night)
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Craftychris said...

Such a variety on your desk! Loving the ATC's. I hope your Vacuum bit comes. Thank you for visiting me and have a good and creative week xx #122

Dianne said...

Hey Katie, oh how wonderful you are a Vet taking care of those sweet animals:O).
I loooove your desk, I have a huge piece of glass on my desk, I don't know what I'd do without mine being an inky girl and all :). Brilliant idea to chart them, I bet you start using them a lot now, interesting to know the cheaper ones, funny isn't that.I've just starting to use my watercolors, I love them, very nice atc, funny I don't weigh anything, good idea though, good luck with your vacuum shesh they are a necessity, thanks for visiting, hope you get a chance to do some painting..
Dianne #119

Ria Gall said...

Hi Katie
a great looking desk which looks like it is being well used. I love the ATC's and your lovely dog
have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Ria #47

Julia Dunnit said...

Great stuff. Our coffee table is Mr D's office. Or so he thinks. I have two sets of Prang and I agree, deepest and most opaque colours, - don't use them much but I do prefer them. ANd poor Ruby, diet dog food. Oh I so know what she thinks!!

Angela Coles said...

hope the vacuum problem solves soon.
Nice coffee table, glass tables wouldn't last in my house with my charging heard. Playing with water colours sounds fun and a chart is a great idea.

Lisa Richards said...

Hey Ethereal!
Are some of those ATC's for the Prang Challenge? Looking forward to that!
I, too, made a color chart for my multiple watercolor boxes. Good idea!
Beautiful cards, and your coffee table looks like a fun place to be. Especially when holding Pop Tarts and coffee (lots of sugar and milk, please)!
Have a great week!
Lisa #7

Laura said...

Hugely late but I've been away and am desperately catching up on WOYWW comments!
Isn't Ruby wondering why she is not the main focus of the photo?!
Thanks for stopping by