14 June 2013

Foster children, dreams, and chinchillas

A couple of weeks ago, we had our first respite foster child stay with us for a weekend.  The child that stayed with us was very sweet, polite (most of the time), and always hungry.  Of course, I can't share a picture of her...but I can share the picture she took of Chase!  She couldn't quite figure out the manual focus of my good old Nikon D40, but she snapped pictures pretending to be a pro!  We played the Wii, went for a scavenger hunt in a park, attended the Crossing's church, and then saw the lions and tigers at a local animal sanctuary.  Haha, she also gave Ruby-dog a bath and swiffered my kitchen (lol..but she had no idea she was helping me with chores b/c she was having so much fun).  We also picked up a new chinchilla. 

Our little Diva was happy to go with us to meet the new chinchilla (and "rescue" him).   We named him Gus after the fat mouse on Disney's Cinderella.  He's missing a front paw and he always has a booger.  He appears to be otherwise healthy so I'm not worrying about the booger just yet.  It appeared his previous owners left his dust bath in 24/7 which can lead to conjunctivitis, rhinitis, and dry/dull fur.  I'm not really sure why this sweet little fellow has jumped homes so many times.  His last owners had him for 6 months, and his first owners another 6 months.  Allow me to briefly step on a soapbox... before acquiring a pet...folks really should consider the lifespan of the pet, their lifestyle, and husbandry (care) the pet requires.   Chinchillas can live up to 20 years!  Yes that's right...20 YEARS!  Most probably live closer to 8-14...but Chinchillas are more of a long-term commitment than other pocket pets.  They are also NOT allergy friendly.  They eat hay, shed, and take baths in dust.  It doesn't get much more allergenic than that.  So there's constantly dust, bits of pet-fur, and hay floating around in my house!  Anyway...I have a hard time understanding why people acquire pets with so little thought of commitment.

My other 2 chins are less excited about the new guy.  They are still just as snuggly with each other as ever, but they really only bite or pee on the new guy.  Poor Gus-gus!  They'll be separated until they get along better.  Maybe I'll just have to find a 4th chinchilla to be Gus-gus's buddy! 

In other news, I'll be working another year in the same clinic.  We agreed to renew my contract ;)  Heavy on my mind has been the timing of other things...like staring our family.  In the end, we'll just have to pray about it and wait for God's timing. 

My Papa loved babies.  Sometimes I feel sad because a part of me wishes he could have seen the next generation born - held his great grandbabies.  At the same time, I don't quite feel like a responsible adult.  I still enjoy watching TV or playing Nintendo all day and letting the dishes stack up.  I like sleeping in and not making my bed. Some days...I just like being selfish!   Patience for God's timing....

Peace and Love, y'all.
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