18 December 2013

WOYWW - Noah Elf

Here's what I was working on this Wednesday morning

Even though I don't have children yet, I love the idea of Elf on the Shelf...probably because the pictures are just so much fun!  Chase and I live on a budget though...and those elves are expensive!  So I decided to venture out and try to crochet one. 

I used this pattern on Ravelry by Jill Watt 

Here's how it happened....

Looking good...I put pipe cleaner in the limbs so they would be flexible :)

Stevie (my blind kitten) wanted you all to know she helped too!

I tried to make the head according to the pattern directions, but I just couldn't... So I decided to wing it, and this is how it turned out!  Elves shouldn't be bald though...and I think his hat needs a little fringe!

Hmm...Did I accidentally make my elf look like my husband?  Maybe?

Stevie thinks this Noah Elf character may have turned out alright.  Noah Elf likes being kind to the animals :)

So that's my workspace this week!   Now I'm off to bit of blog hopping (and maybe clean my house too).

Peace and Love, y'all!
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14 December 2013

CT# 2: Jen Wright Designs

The second CT (creative team) I joined is Jen Wright Designs

Here's a layout I made with her kit, Little Town.  I really like the concept of Little Town.  She designed it after her favorite hymn.  My momma used to sing "O Little Town of Bethlehem" as a lullaby so it holds a very special place in my heart. 

Here's my project life style layout!    The Journal Cards (I designed them with her kit) is available for purchase here.

Here's the preview of the kit.  Isn't it cute?  Available here.

Jen is giving away a matching tag on her Facebook :)

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09 December 2013

New Scrapbooking Endeavors: Dee's Deelights

It's been a very long time since I've been on a CT... The last one I was one was back in 2009.  

I applied to 3 CTs, and now I'm in 3 CTs.  LOL!  I really didn't expect to be in all of them, but I'm happy I am.  So over the next few days, I'll be making layouts for my scrapbook using some of the new kits from the 3 designers who were kind enough to welcome me onto their team.

First up:  Dee Deelights

Her kit, A Walk in the Park, had a windmill element!  It was perfect for my Tulip Festival pictures.  In 2012, we went to a Dutch festival up in Iowa.  There were windmills all over the little town!

Lately, I've been intrigued by the concept of project life...You just slip in the photos.  In my thoughts, it's scrapbooking for the simple reason of documenting everyday moments.  Sometimes I get lost in the process of making pages and forget why I'm making them.   Using this style layout helps me focus on documenting :)

I used A Walk in the Woods again for this kit.  The font is as ever Darcy Baldwin's DJBKatieM (my custom made handwriting font)

Thank you, Dee for taking me on as a CT member.   Hopefully, I can be of service to you and help you grow your business :)

Peace and Love, y'all!  I'll be posting soon about my other new Creative Teams!
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07 December 2013

Scrapping Away

This past week has been a very productive week for my 2013 scrapbook!   I've gotten ALMOST caught up!  Of course, I can't really share pictures of the interesting, little visitors who periodically come to stay with us so the layouts look a little funny with strategically placed elements. 

Here are a few that I have completed.  All the products are from Sweet Shoppe.

I'm quite proud of myself on this layout.  I made the Project Life-ish template all by myself.

Credits: DJBApple Pie, Reed and Hartley Lovers Dreamers and Me. (kit is now retired)

Zoe Pearn Happiness Is (Also retired I believe)
Cindy Schneider's date templates for the dated circle

Lauren Grier's Kitteh Love - Retired from SSD but still available here.  Font is DJB ApplePie (by Darcy Baldwin)

I've really felt inspired by the Project Life style scrapbooks lately.  Not familiar with Project Life?  It's a new-ish style of scrapbooking.  Simple, efficient. More info here:  http://beckyhiggins.com/project-life/.     Most folks who are making these sort of albums are aiming to capture every week.  I think every month will be sufficient for us.   

Anyway, I'm having quite a lot of fun scrapbooking again after a very long break.  I think maybe it's time to venture out again into some of the larger scrapbooking communities.  I've been exclusively hanging out in the charming little Sweet Shoppe community...but maybe I'm ready to give DST a second chance as well as try out a few more!  Maybe I'll even try out for a CT or two!

Peace and Love, y'all
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17 November 2013

Ordinary Life

So how's life been lately?  Busy...but quiet at the same time.  Life steadily trudges onward.  It feels as if fall has come and went.  The leaves put on their glorious display of colors and fell. 

Stevie was less than impressed with the fall leaves. 


Chase and I were much more inspired.  We had a perfect date together enjoying the color change.

Another of my cousins is married!  Congrats Jon and Christine! 

The rest of the time is spent snuggling with my kitten, watching Star Trek with Chase, or reading...

Nothing going on that's too exciting!

Peace and Love, y'all!
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26 October 2013

A real-life update: weddings, ulcers, mochas, shopping, fall

So here's a real update on life's going (no art or foster children). 

Last weekend, I went to Texas for a wedding.  Congrats to the happy couple!  Love you guys! 

Here's my immediate family!  My brother is so grown up now!

Here are the newly weds: Michael and Jessica!  Since all of my cousins are getting married, it's nice having more girls in the family!  The wedding was just gorgeous, and the reception was one heck of a party.   My family is so wonderful, and I miss them so much.   I'm so blessed to have the support of so many wonderful people.

This week, it was hard to get back into the swing of things, but I managed to survive.   I had some crazy cases, but they seem to be doing alright.    I also had my annual exam.   Much to my surprise, I had significant pain on palpation of my upper abdomen.   It's been 3 days since my appointment, and the pain never really abated.  For the last year and a half, I've had...well it sounds like morning sickness.  Inappetance, nausea, vomiting almost every single morning until about 10 am.  And NO...I'm not expecting.  In May 2012, I was 165 pounds...by October that year I was 150.   I've been maintaining about there since then.   For the past couple of months I've also had a little more heart burn than usual.   Some nights as I'm trying to fall asleep...I feel like I could breathe fire.     So my doctor ordered a full ultrasound, a whole bunch of blood tests, and told me to take omeprazole twice a day instead of just once.  I've been taking it once a day...but it doesn't really seem to help much.   Anywho...I'm waiting for the bloodwork results, and the ultrasound is next week.  After that, she said we'll talk about an upper GI.    Oh joy!  

This weekend, Beth and I went shopping.  Why not, eh? Who cares that I wear blue jeans and a scrub top every single day...  I'll dress up after work for going out.  Yeah...going out.  Fine. I just enjoying owning cute clothes!   CHURCH!  That's where I'll wear them...

After a long day of shopping, a Salted Caramel Mocha sounded just right.  I never drink these frou-frou drinks...but this one was particularly enjoyable (even though I only drank half).

New clothes!  The best part of having an ulcer (or whatever is wrong with my stomach):  Weight loss was effortless.  Not feeling like eating breakfast..and then eating months of salad...or pita with hummus for lunch...or deli meat rolled around a piece of cheese. I lost 15 pounds like it was nothing.  None of my shorts fit anymore...
So the pants with the blue shirt...I tried them on as a dare.  They are shiny, black denim..they actually worked as part of the outfit, and apparently no one else had wanted them since they were 60% off the sale price.

I also couldn't resist this silk, black and white, floral cami with RUFFLES!   I thought it went well with the cardigan I just recently bought...

In other news, fall is upon us with her crisp nights and frosty mornings.     So far these are the only flowers holding on.  My gourd plants have all turned brown and died...so hopefully I will have some nice gourds to paint come spring time!  I will leave the actual gourd crop out there to dry out over the winter.

As far as my art goes, I'm working up the energy to paint my Christmas card line.  I'll admit, I've started watching Christmas movies to get myself in the spirit.  I'm hoping to have a line or two out by Thanksgiving.  

Anyway, if you read this blog...know that I appreciate you!

Peace and Love, y'all!
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23 October 2013

WOYWW - quilting

It's been a long time since I participated in WOYWW!   And I'm a bit late this morning... So what's on my workspace this week?   A whole box of t-shirts (with a wet, blind kitten on top - it was Stevie's bath day), a stack of books about quilting, my ott light, and just some odds and ends.  I've been researching a quilting project.  I have about 22 of my late grandfather's flannel shirts (right now they are spread out on my guest bedroom bed).  I first wanted to make wedding presents for the 2 cousins getting married this fall....then I thought.. but what about my parents, 3 uncles, and 7 cousins...who all loved my grandpa.   Is there a way to make something from 22 shirts for 12 different families (including mine)?  Maybe a 2 quilt block wall hanging for each one.  Then I started thinking...there's no way I can get them finished in time for even the weddings...and I recruited help from an aunt.  She came up with the idea of making it a collaborative project between all the women in my family.  Awesome!  So in a couple of weeks we'll have a fantasy shirt draft (the women's counterpart to my family's fantasy football draft).   

I'd love ideas on what to do with my grandpa's shirts (and my t-shirts too)!  Maybe once Operation Papa Shirt Project gets moving I'll share some pictures from it!

Peace and Love, y'all!

22 October 2013

The Davions in Your City

The story of Davion had us all wiping away tears.  This brave young man went before a church and begged to be adopted.   “I'll take anyone.  Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. I don't care. And I would be really appreciative. The best I could be” he said.  His courage and his ardent plea for a family to “love me until I die” brought his plight to America’s attention.   “I think I’ll be more successful, and have more opportunities if I had a family.  And I hope that I do find one” he says while wiping away tears.  What breaks my heart…is he was overlooked.   Overlooked for YEARS until his plea went viral on the internet.    It looks like he’ll find his family as 10,000 people have inquired….

Did you know there are more “Davions” in your community?  In your state? Possibly even in your neighborhood?  

Patrick- 14 years old.  He loves arts and crafts, sports, and hip hop dance.  He’s got a fun sense of humor.  He deserves a loving family.

William  - 13 years old.   He loves sports, and can’t wait to find a family who will cheer him on in the stands!  He does well in school and is proud of his grades.  He deserves a loving family.

Samantha  - 18 years old.  Samantha is a devoted catholic young lady looking for a family to help her transition to adulthood.  She loves animals.  She has been in the foster care system since 2005.  She deserves a loving family.
Or what about Anika?  - 16.  She loves football, creative writing.  She has a passion for church where she can be treated like a normal kid.  She deserves a loving family.

Or Justin? - 12. Justin says he feels all alone, but he loves normal boy things like video games and wrestling.  He deserves a loving family.

I picked out just a few of the HUNDREDS of Missouri children to mention here.  There are children of all ages, races, and genders who need a home.
But I’m single…You’re not excluded from this either.  Alicia, here,  is looking for a mother to love her.  She doesn’t care if you are black or white…or how old you are.

But adoption is expensive… WRONG.  In most of these cases, the state pays for legal expenses.

But I can’t afford another child… For most children in the foster system, there are government subsidies that continue to help financially support the children even after adoption.  Many of these children qualify for scholarships so they can go to college.   Additionally, healthcare and daycare might also be covered.  http://www.dss.mo.gov/cd/adopt/masp.htm.  Honey, let me tell you…Chase and I are in more educational debt than most people can imagine, but that’s not stopping us! 

But both of us work…  That’s ok!  Adopted children can go to daycare, and the state may even help you pay for it.

But adoption is time consuming and I don’t want the government nosing around my house…  Well parenting in general is time consuming.   Of course adopted children may have a few additional challenges facing them, but they are still just children who need loving families.   If you were in the government’s shoes…and you had to try to find a safe home for a child in your care, wouldn’t you do some research on a prospective placement’s home?  Of course the government wants these children in loving and safe homes!  Chase and I have been through the entire home study process, and it wasn’t bad.  You know what we had to change?  We had to purchase a larger fire extinguisher, install more child safety locks, post a fire escape plan with emergency numbers, and change our fire alarm batteries more often.   They asked A LOT of questions about our upbringing just to find out what parenting styles we were raised with…

But I don’t have any parenting experience… That’s ok.  Neither did we when we first became foster parents. 

But what if the birth mother decides she wants her children back… After a court has terminated parental rights, that’s pretty much a permanent thing.   After a child is adopted, if the case goes back to court 98% of the time the child stays with adoptive family.

Why do I care so much?   I care because of God.  God loves these children.  God CARES about the orphans and widows in this world, and the church has a God-ordained call to help them. 

Besides…after you’ve seen their faces, how can you turn your back on them? 

Peace and love, y'all

02 October 2013

My blind kitten

So this is my precious little blind kitten Stevie. I think we can say that she's probably going to stay in my house,
 but we'll just have to see how it works out.  I keep trying to find her a home, but every time I tell someone she might need surgery they don't seem interested anymore.  Poor kitten, she has some pretty severe congenital defects. She's missing part of her eyelids and she's also got eyes that are too small for her head . So far, she seems pretty comfortable despite these issues. However there's a possibility she might have frequent infections. If that's the case she will probably require surgery to remove the extra tissue (ie, the defective eyes). But for now we'll just keep an eye on her.

15 September 2013

The aftermath, a constipated chinchilla, first football games.

The Aftermath....

Last week was the first week after the boys went home.  Monday was the hardest night for me emotionally.   Since Chase is working on his dissertation, we decided not to take any more placements until he graduates.

 So what happens now?  Well life resumes as usual. Of course as a veterinarian, I can't just have normal, healthy pets at home so I'm never bored.  For whatever reason, Chimichanga got sick and stopped eating.   My best guess is that he injured his back paw, stopped eating because it hurt, and then got constipated because he stopped eating.  Poor little fellow...he was promptly started on antibiotics, pain medication, and syringe feeding.   

Poor little, constipated chinchilla....

He was a bossy little patient, but I think he actually liked the syringe feeding.  When he finished swallowing a bolus, he would bite the syringe for more.    Syringe feeding was followed by a gentle belly massage...and half a dozen little poops.   Hooray for constipated chinchilla poop!

Stevie the blind kitten...

If you read last Monday's post all the way to the bottom, you know I took home a blind kitten.  Here's a picture of little miss Stevie!  I've decided her 2 major defects are eyelid coloboma and possibly microphthalmia.   I think she may have a tiny amount of vision in her left eye. 

Luke and Lando's first football games...

Much to our delight and surprise, Chase and I got invited to go cheer on the boys during their first football games.  They didn't get hurt and had fun - so I'd consider their first games a success.    We hope to go cheer them on at some more games!  We consider ourselves very blessed that their family still wants us to be a part of their lives as family friends.

While we were at the games, I had fun watching a little girl play and dance with her umbrella.  She warranted a picture...and maybe I'll paint it later :)

What else did I do since we didn't have the kids last week?  I restored the bedrooms to guest bedroom status and cleaned the house.    I signed up for a Children's Book Illustration Class at the local community center...and a Facebook networking class for work.  I bought 2 books: Orphan Justice and Blog Inc.   Hopefully I can read those and blog about them soon! 

To all that support and encourage us as we stumble along trying to make a difference in this life....thank you.  You are very dear to me.

Peace and love, y'all!
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09 September 2013

Smores, Happy-Sad Days, Blind Kittens

I suppose the title just about sums up the last month.   If you've been reading my blog, you know that at the end of July we got a call for 2 boys who needed a place for "2 nights" (Foster Parenting: Luke and Lando).   Those 2 nights turned in to nearly 2 months.   We picked them up on July 24th and just today they returned home.   Honestly, I don't even know where to start writing this blog post...so I guess I'll start with how I feel today. 

Today I am happy-sad.

After 2 months of reading bed time stories, practicing multiplication tables, discussing personal hygiene, and keeping 2 growing boys satiated...Chase and I were pretty fond of those 2 boys.  They are very good kids... just 2 normal school aged boys who like football, dogs, Legos, superheros, and cantaloupe.  Just 2 normal boys with a added dose of anger and uncertainty about their future.  Those boys LOVED cantaloupe.  The younger one could almost eat an entire cantaloupe by himself in one sitting! 

Here's some of what we did...
We had some discussions about proper behavior at school, attitudes toward people with disabilities, and "socially acceptable" hygiene.
 We talked about court, and a little on why the "big people" are fighting so much.  We reassured Luke and Lando, that they are good kids...and this is not their fault.  
We cooked dinner together, and ate dinner together. 
We diffused temper-tantrums...and cleaned up "accidents."  We decided to purchase plastic, disinfectable clothes hampers for future foster children. 
We read books (lots of Diary of a Wimpy Kid) every night together when I tucked in the youngest. Each night I left 2 lights on, and left the door open...in case the little one needed to find his older brother in case of night mares.
We learned to tell lies from truth...some of the time.  Amazingly, toothbrushes should be wet provided they were actually used to brush teeth...despite what 11 year old boys may claim.

After court day,  I handed one sad little boy hiding under the bed a pillow, a blanket, and a little stuffed dog to keep him company.  He seemed like he needed time to sort through his emotions on his own, and he didn't want to talk.  We made sure he know we were available to talk if he wanted to... and didn't press the matter. 

I brought home a blind kitten.  Why? First and foremost, my gushy-soft heart couldn't resist a pathetic, abandoned kitten with eyes too small for her head. Second, I wanted an opportunity to talk about disabilities with the boys.  They had made a few comments about disabled people that warranted further discussion... Blind kittens are probably better teachers than lectures.   As the boys gently petted the tiny kitten, I told them that she is still a valuable creature...and deserves to be treated with kindness.    Even though she looks different than other kittens and will probably never have a life like a "normal" cat...she can still have a wonderful life.

Even blind kittens need love. 

As I lay in bed tonight...I wonder.  Did anyone read the boys a story tonight?  Did they *really* brush their teeth? Did they win their football game over the weekend?  Did they get a snack before bed?  How was their day at school?  Did Lando learn his 2s and 3s yet?

Do they miss us?

Are they going be ok?

Of course, reunification is the goal we have been working towards.  We've had long discussions (and written long letters) to their family.  We've prayed for them.  We miss them, but we hope they'll never have need of our home again.  I'm happy we've reached the goal of reunification.

I'm happy the kids can be with their biological family, but I'm sad they're gone from my house too.

We made smores with Princess Peach (when she visited during for "respite").  We also made them with the boys.  I consider smore-making a success considering no flaming marshmallows went airborne, and no one got burned or poked. 

Lando and I made some art on the Gelli plate together.  He had a blast, and gave the pictures to his biological family.   He loved the checkered stamp.

Before school started, I took them to Chucky Cheese's on one of my days off.  Chucky walked by throwing tickets in the air, and Luke ran to pick them up.  Another mother saw Luke and her son frantically picking up the tickets and thought her child was trying to take tickets Luke had dropped.  She made her son give the tickets to Luke.  I watched as Luke peered down at the tickets in his hands...and thought about what he should do as he glanced back up at the boy and his mother.  He walked to the mother, and explained that Chucky gave the tickets to both boys.   He gave the tickets back.    I was so proud of his honesty. 

This has been a fun, challenging, tiring adventure.  I still feel very strongly that God has called us to care for these children.    Hopefully we made a difference in these children's lives as we strive to glorify God by loving the foster children he placed in our house.  Only God can see the big picture, but I feel confident that He's got a plan and we're part of it.   Maybe 2 months doesn't seem like a long time, but these last 2 months serve a purpose in His plan for the world.

I wonder what comes next. 

Peace and Love, y'all!

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31 July 2013


Thanks to Julia for hosting this blog hop (http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/)!  I'm afraid I didn't make it to many at all last week since we were [anxiously] waiting to hear when to pick up some foster kids.   I'm hoping to have more time today for blog hopping :)

Here's my work table this week.  This is the table I took over when we got a new dining room table :)  I'm working on cards for swaps now.  I've also got my postage scale (used at the moment for weigh a chinchilla that's not been feeling well), various cutting tools, the trashcan (on the table because the dog thinks of it as a buffet), and flower shaped grippers for opening jars (going to try them on the Gelli plate). 

Today is a day off.  I'm hoping to vacuum thoroughly, change the sheets in the guest/foster bedrooms, clean up the chinchilla cage, and dust.   I'd also like to blog hop, watch Star Trek on Netflix, paint, and play with the gelli plate!   We'll see what happens!

Peace and love, y'all!  Thanks for visiting!

EDIT - Noon-  It sounds like we may be getting the boys ("Luke" and "Lando") tonight.  You never know when you'll get that phone call as a foster parent. 

EDIT #2 - I turned off Google plus commenting.  It was ridiculous.
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29 July 2013

Foster Parenting: Luke and Lando

Chase and I are licensed foster parents...and we never know when we'll get a call to help a kiddo in need.   Well we were called week last week, and we went to go pick up 2 brothers (school aged) who needed a place to sleep for 2 nights.  Since Chase is still finishing up his PhD, we've only been taking respite and short term emergency placements.   We'll call the boys Luke and Lando (from Star Wars of course..).  

We got the boys on Wednesday night, and we promptly went home to inventory foods they like, make a grocery list, and head to good, ole wally-world for supplies.   At Walmart, we told the boys they could each pick 1 small Lego set each - or 1 medium sized set to share.  The boys promptly launched into a thorough examination and discussion of the pros and cons of each Lego set.  After careful consideration, they chose a Star Wars themed set (9496 Desert Skiff) with multiple Lego characters (Luke and Lando included) and that tentacled creature (the Sarlacc) that almost eats Luke.  While I'm fixing a basic dinner (fried kielbasa, wild rice, and peas), Chase and the boys assemble the legos.  I think Chase was just going to sit with them, but the boys begged and begged for Chase to help.  "You HAVE to HELP US!!  There are SOOO many pieces!!"  After the legos were assembled, and their craftmanship praised...we sat down for dinner.  We usually eat at the dinner table, but since we only had the boys for 2 nights we made an exception and ate while watching TV.  Although the boys (both less than 12 years old) begged to watch Chucky, we settled on Adam-12 (a police series from the 60s).  I calmly explained to the boys that I get terrible nightmares from scary movies, and while staying in our house...they'll have to pick less scary movies or television shows (not to mention age-appropriate).  After a couple of episodes, the boys brushed their teeth and changed into pajamas.  Chase read them bedtime stories, while I sat in a chair in listened.  The littlest one wanted 2 night lights and lamp on during the night, so the oldest trasferred his room's night light to his brother's room. 

Here are some pictures the boys took while they were here: 

Bert is wondering why we are making bright flashing lights near his cage.

The boys adored Chase and wanted a picture of him.

The second night was actually our 4th anniversary, so we decided to eat out and headed to a local Mongolian BBQ restaurant.  Let's just say we won't be taking most foster kids back.  The kids didn't understand why they picked ingredients for a chef to cook for them...and they didn't think it was fun!  We ended up taking them by McDonald's on the way home since dinner was a flop for them!  Our plans of hiding fresh vegetables in stir-fry...well I'll have to figure out another way to get kids to eat vegetables!  Once we got back to the house, Chase had to prepare chili for a potluck at his work.  The youngest boy was so happy to help.  I'd peek up from my computer to watch Chase and "Luke" cooking together.  Since Chase works with a bunch of vegetarians, he made "Texas "Thai Tofu Chili" I bet Tofu was completely new experience for the boys.  I read the boys "The Little Red Hen" as their bedtime story, and we tucked them in for the night.  Both mornings they woke up and got ready without grumbling, and made their beds with me asking.  They were such sweet gentlemen, and we just adored them.   Chase met with their mom the following day to give them back. 

We'll always remember them, and we'll always hope and pray that their lives will be blessed...that they will be safe, well-fed, and loved.   Hopefully, they will never need us again.

Peace and Love, y'all!

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24 July 2013


So what's on my workspaces this Wednesday?  (to play along go to The Stamping Ground with miss Julia)

Not to much going on,  I just packaged these up to mail to the swap host.  "You Deserve a Medal" mixed media swap.    The awards I made:  Most Flexible Toes, Suvivor of Firework Season, You are my Sunshine, and Biggest Flirt.  Looking back, I wished I had a made a Monday Surivor one lol... I was so clumsy on Monday!

PSA.  As some of you may know, I've been battling spiders in my household.  I now believe I've found and eradicated the...erm...nests of them.  I found 2 gravid female brown recluses(as well has about a half a dozen little spiders.  while cleaning my garage and spraying in there.  Hopefully I have eliminated the major source of my spider problem.  I can only imagine what a sight it was for my neighbors - I dragged every last bit of junk out of my garage.  Swept out the entire thing...as I found the nasty brown recluses...I'd smack them with the broom repeatedly...most likely yelling the whole time.   SQEEEEEE!!!   Cars kept slowing down like looking for a garage sale.   After that, I sprayed the entire garage with a pesticide.    Since the garage was cleaned and decluttered, we purchased shelves and plastic storage bins to keep it that way.   I can officially say - we very likely have the cleanest garage in the neighbor hood.  We also purchased a shop vac...so I can keep the sucker clean without moving everything out again.

PSA:  I just thought I would share how to identify a brown recluse.  The brown recluse is also called the fiddleback spider and that nickname can help you remember how to identify them.  Ok...so you see that the spider has 2 main body segments.  The head/thorax (called the cephalothorax) where the legs are attached and the abdomen.  The cphalothorax is mostly pale brown (tan) with a dark brown shape in the center of it.  The dark brown part is shaped like a violin with the neck of the violin pointing towards the abdomen.  The brown recluse also has 6 instead of 8 pairs of eyes...if you care to count them.  Anyway...here's a picture of what I presume to be a big fat female....ready to put more of the little nasties in my garage.  I snapped this picture right before I launched my broom squishing attack.  As bad as their bite is...they really aren't aggressive spiders...and usually don't bite unless pressed against skin.   That being said, I've become rather strict about making/checking beds, keeping clothes off the floor, and keeping cardboard out of my house.

Peace and Love, y'all!
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17 July 2013

WOYWW - 5Ks and Organization

Happy What's on Your Workspace Wednesday!  To play along and share your workspace with crafters around the world, visit Julia's blog.

Here's my crafting area this week.  My fabulous parents came up last weekend to visit and run a 5K (their first).   We ran on Saturday and spent some time in the historic downtown of St. Charles, Missouri.  I'm so proud of my folks for trying to exercise and for training for this race!

On Sunday, my mom and I spent the first half of the day organizing my craft room.   They brought up a huge new dining room table (seats 8 people) so I claimed the old table for my craft room.  LOL I went from a 25 year old table to a 34 year old table (but I love it!).

Here's the old dining room table.  My dad made the comment that I've now taken over 3/4 of that room. My husband just gets a corner that he shares with the chinchillas.

I have empty shelves now!  What should I fill them with?

My mom labeled all my boxes.  We also took everything out, dusted the shelves, and patched up the holes (supposed to be there for wires to run in).  My chinchillas were scurrying up the back of the armoire, going through the holes, and chewing on my watercolor paper.   Bad chinchillas!  

David, Beth, Me, my dad, and my mom before the race :)

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