18 December 2012

Make a Wish

Each morning for the last couple of days, I wiped away tears as I watched the morning news.  The news is starting to cover the stories of the CT shooting victims - little children with big hopes and even bigger personalities.  They cover stories stories of kind people who offered support and love for the grieving families...stories of a people, of a nation who find the slaughter of innocent lives unacceptable.  But what is the answer?  How can we protect our nation's children?  I wish that this will never happen again, but we live in a fallen world...and violence will continue until my savior returns.

With the children who lost their lives weighing so heavily on my mind, I can't help but think about the hundreds of thousands of children in foster care...children who are "lost" and waiting for their family.  I mean that literally...there were 400,000 children in foster care in 2011.  What about these children?  Can't we help them? So many of these children are older...they are passed over for families that want  babies.   God has placed the desire to help those children on our hearts.  We want so badly to help....Our home isn't perfect and tends towards the messy, and we eat frozen pizza at least twice a week.   My little dog licks faces, and Gary drools and farts.  The laundry and dishes occasionally pile up... BUT we don't have to be perfect to be foster or adoptive parents.  AdoptUSkids has a great ad campaign about that. So in addition to the families that lost children, I'll also pray for the children that haven't found their families.

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