13 December 2012

Application to Change Lives

Here's the picture we took to include in our application to Social Services to begin fostering children.  It's a mission that I feel God has called us to, and I couldn't be more excited.  You'll notice in the picture that the dogs are really happy too!  This is just the first step in a long process of home studies, interviews, and classes...and there's no guarantee that we'll even be approved.   Even if we aren't approved this time, we'll still keep trying because we both strongly feel this is a calling.  After the approval process and training is finished, we'd like to start with respite care fostering.   That means we provide a short term break to foster parents (example: watching their foster kids over the weekend).   We want to go through the full process because we want to be ready to take on a long term fostering assignment just in case a good match comes up.  
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Christine said...

Good luck with this wonderful initiative, you are special people!

smallgirl said...

Good luck! Some of the students I teach are in foster care, and it makes such a wonderful difference when they are in the homes of loving and caring foster families.