14 October 2012

Good bye Weekend, hello Monday

Oh boy.  Tomorrow is the dreaded Monday.  Hopefully this will be a great week, and I'll be able to really and truly help some animals (and their connected people).    Last week was rough.  I wish I could simply treat animals for free, but I can't and expect to stay in business to continue to help animals.  *sigh* 

This weekend we didn't get to go to the Razorback game as planned, but we caught up on laundry and sleep.  AND I did cards for a swap.  I really didn't have much interest in partcipating in the Cthulhu Madness swap, but when I saw only 2 people had signed up I had to sign up.  I've totally been there as a host when you're wondering whether you'll have enough members to actually swap cards.  As long as the other 2 players send in cards and the host makes cards too, everyone who plays will get cards from 3 different artists.  I'd say my Cthulhu's aren't spreading madness and mayhem, but they are simply enjoying their free time away from the daily grind.  

In other news, I'm almost back to normal after the car accident.  Chase is still sore, but he's going back to the doctor tomorrow.  I figure he had a concussion that night, and it's going to take some time for him to bounce back to normal.  It doesn't help that both of us are constantly stressed at work.  I love being a veterinarian, but letting owners take their animals out of my clinic when they need treatment is so hard.  So far the best remedy has been an old Methodist hymnal I checked out from the library.  As I crank out the familiar tunes on the piano, God speaks to my heart.  There's a bigger picture, and someday we'll be in a place where there's no more suffering and pain...and we'll all be satisfied with work.

Peace and love, y'all!
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