07 October 2012

Count your many blessings. Name them one by one.

I can remember the sound of glass breaking, metal and plastic bending and breaking, my own voice screaming. I remember lights and someone yelling getting out of the car; gasoline was pouring from our car.  We all got out without assistance - relatively uninjured (#1).  The other driver was also relatively uninjured (#2).   Chase's car....well...it's totalled, but the trunk was crunched instead of the cabin (#4).  If our car hadn't been stopped at that stop sign, the car going through the intersection would have been t-boned.  So maybe we prevented a fatal accident (#5).  God alone knows.  All the people who saw the accident stopped and made sure we were ok...and stayed to give testimony against the driver that hit us (#6).  They were all so nice and supportive!  The gasoline and other fluids were all cleaned up so they don't combust or poison little animals (#6).  The other driver was found to be drunk, and the police arrested her (#7).  She couldn't even walk a straight line.  While she may not considered getting arrested as a blessing, sometimes God puts in road blocks (Chase's car with 4 passengers in this case) so we don't continue down the path of destruction we're on.   He deliberately lets us reap the painful consequences of our sin so we recognize it, repent, and seek His forgiveness.  A tow truck moved our car off the road and gave us time to clean it of our stuff which was amazingly undamaged (even Chase's laptop in the trunk) (#8).  One of Beth's friends came to pick us up (#8) and take us to David's car.  Beth drove the 4 of us to the ER, where the doctor examined us.- mild muscle strains and minor lacerations - nothing broken (#9).  He said we'll be really sore for the upcoming week.  After being released at midnight, we finally got dinner and went home.  The following morning, we realized Chase's backpack (w/ laptop was missing).  We went back to check the scene of the accident, and Chase's backpack, jacket, and bible were all sitting there unharmed (#10).

So what can I say?  We're down 1 car, but we're alive and well.  We're just a bit sore, but not seriously injured.  It served a sobering reminder - life is fragile.  I thank God that everything has worked out.  I'm sure He'll provide what we need, and I pray that the other driver will repent and let God do some healing work in her life. 

Peace and Love, y'all!
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Tamika said...

Praise God what a mighty God glad to hear that everything is OK!