18 September 2012

WOYWW - birthdays and mice

Happy WOYWW!  Head on over to the blog of our lovely host, Julia, at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ to find out what this is all about.

Here's my workspace this week...  It's clean and orderly.  I seemed to have used up all my creative energy last week.    The previous post has some of the ATCs I finished last week :) 

So what's taking all my creative energy this week?  Well, I discovered I have an unwanted house guest yesterday as I saw a small critter run along a wall.   Yup... I have a mouse in the house.   My husband and I are new homeowners and have been here for just a couple of months.   I'm not handling the thought of a mouse very well.   I first saw it while putting on my shoes Monday morning.  That night I had invited another couple over for dinner.  As we were sitting and drinking that bottle of wine that was on my desk last week...the MOUSE RAN ACROSS MY KITCHEN FLOOR...  I was so mortified!  However, my friend is also a veterinarian (a lab animal one at that) so we cornered the little mousey behind a bookshelf.  We had someone move the bookshelf while we were poised to capture the little guy with mixing bowls.  Well...we failed.  Round bowls...square bookshelf...just didn't work out.

As a veterinarian, the list of diseases mice can potentially carry to my family (and my chinchilla and guinea pigs) is running through my brain constantly.  It's pooping out its salmonella and peeing leptospira wherever it goes...i'm just sure of it. Not to mention hantavirus, lymphocytic chorio-meningitis, tularemia..oh..and not to mention rodent fleas (ok...more like rat fleas) can carry black death (yersinia pestis...yeah..so that's probably not this far east...).  So my dogs all got an extra dose of frontline plus this month on top of their advantage multi.  I fully aknowledge that I might be just a little paranoid...and it's not likely our little house guest is carrying all of those diseases, but I still want him out of my house!  My husband and I have set up live traps in hopes we can catch and release...but we'll use deadly force (ie, snap traps...I won't use poisons) if necessary!

In other news...today is my birthday!  All I want this year is the mouse to be caught and released!

Peace and love, y'all!

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Ali H said...

Hi Katie
It is just a mouse but where there is one there may be a family ! I once opened a kitchen drawer in my 1930's previous house to find a mouse starting back at me - don't know who was most shocked him or me !
It wasn't the list of horror diseases you mention but the fact that they gnaw through the electrical wiring - now that is expensive to fix ! hope you catch the little critter ! Ali #54 PS poison was the only thing that worked for us to get all of them !

Claire said...

ahhh! mice... know all about them... we have these enclosed traps around the house (with a plastic cover), plus a very fine kitty mouser :)
i personally don't like using poison with other animals, and children, in the house...
hope you catch the lil critters!
happy WOYWW :)
no. 67

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh hope you get the mouse situation sorted out quickly and many happy returns for tomorrow - hope you have a great day! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 68

Jackie said...

Could you use your mouse as inspiration ....lots of lovely house mouse stamps!!!...ok probally not!
hope you get the situation sorted soon
Jackie 30

Lisa said...

Yikes!! hope you catch that unwanted visitor soon!! Great scrapping space and Happy Birthday for tomorrow too:D


505whimsygirl said...

Oh, those darned little mice! One time at work I had one run across my desk -- while I was sitting at it! Holy moly. I hope the little creature finds its own way out - or down comes the trap!

Happy Birthday tomorrow! I hope your day is special.

Hugs, Kay #17

Karen McAlpine said...

EEk! Hope you get that little rodent!! Happy birthday too!!

Sandy Leigh said...

I found a spider in my closet this morning--walking on my clothes. I was horrified! Hope you find him and happy birthday!

Tertia said...

That story made me LOL I have a friend thats a vet and is absolutely manically scared of frogs! I can handle mice, its spiders that freak me out. Hope you managed to find the little guy and he does not turn out to be a lactating she (just kidding)
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #46

Frances said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that horrid little mouse doesn't spoil your day. Your ATCs are lovely, so colorful and detailed. I like your blog, interesting that you are a vet. I am a new follower. Have a great week. Frances #80

kay said...

oh dear,hope you manage to catch your visitor and release him ok,have a fab birthday and thanks for visiting me :)
have a super woyww
kay #54

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh Katie-I LOVE pretend meeces on stamps, but those real ones do give me the creepies too!

Have a great day! Happy Birthday!
♥ Sue Kment

trisha too said...

Katie, I'm sorry about your mouse situation, but girl, this post made me lol!!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy WOYWW to you!
:)trisha, #143 this week,
and utterly shameless!

trisha too said...


We live in the country, and we don't have evidence of mice in the house at the present (thanks to cats and dogs), OR in the barn, thanks to a 6 foot long black rat snake!


mamapez5 said...

Happy Birthday!
I hope the little mouse is soon caught before he brings all the family along. personally I would rather live with a mouse in the house than a large spider, but it is probably best to move him on out.
I'm sure you will soon be creating again. Good luck! Kate x #97

VonnyK said...

Hope you catch that pesky little critter and release him. Happy birthday.
Have a great week.
Von #48

Bernice said...

Oh dear, I hope yo've got rid of the mouse by now. Just make sure he can't get back in. We had one in our roofspace a few years ago and after the third one had been caught and released I was convinced it was the same one returning - so I got my husband to put a little mark on his tail with paint and that night we caught him again!!
Bernice #3

Jojorenee said...

Not to laugh but your fears had me chuckling! I would have told my guest if they saw it they'd have to stop drinking the wine! I know the feeling though when unwanted guest of that kind invade your space...and being a new homeowner you don't know what to do first. Good luck! 137# Tamika

Carol Hornby-Clements said...

I hope you catch the mouse. I would have all those fears as well:-))) The DH has just got rid of a spider as I am petrified of them as well.

Carol #150

Li'l Pidge said...

Happy Birthday and hope you manage to catch the critter!

thanks for visiting my desk already