08 September 2012

Saturday Morning Reflections

It's a lazy Saturday morning here in mid-MO.   We woke up to a beautiful, fall morning.  While drinking our coffee, we watched Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown and shows about dolphin rescues.  Then I changed the station to a movie on ABC Family... Some Cinderella themed movie.  Well the main chick (played by Lucy Hale) sings a song called "Bless Myself."   As I listened to the lyrics I was really surprised by what they said.

There's a little secret/ I would like to tell you/ There's a book of lies/ I know they'll try to sell you/ and they'll try, and they'll try/ To convince you to buy you need 'em/ So the next time you're down/Look inside not around./  I can bless myself/ There's no need for someone's help / There's no one to blame/ There's no one to save you but yourself/  I can justify all the mistakes in my life/ It's taught me to be, it's givin' me me/  And I'll survive/ 'Cause I have blessed myself.

Maybe it's just a song about self empowerment, but the lyrics' references to "bless" and "save" seem to me be referring to religion. I think it's really sad, because the book of truth tells us that blessings come from God.  We're helpless to justify ourselves in the eyes of God; only Jesus' atoning blood can do that.


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Yesterday my wife and daughter went to the Children's Place store and the song was playing. My daughter, which is 6yo, noticed the song and told my wife... "Mom, this is not a nice song, it talks about blessing yourself". I just wonder how many of this kinds of lyrics are out there. 8-(