21 August 2012


Wednesday finds my desk again.  I'm so tired I had to retype today's name 3 times before my brain got the right spelling. Play along at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ 

*Begin random babbling*  My grandpa is hospitalized now with aspiration pneumonia.  He's 94 and has had a full and wonderful life.  If you think about all the world events that have happend in the last century and what he's lived through, it's really mind boggling.   Women didn't even have the right to vote (in the US) when he was born (1919), the empire state building was built when he was around 12 (1930), The Great Depression, WW2 ( during which he fixed torpedos in Hawaii), television invented, first man sent to space, Civil Rights Act, 9/11, first black US president.  As a simple carpenter for a local paper mill and a farmer, he sent his 4 sons to college.   It's really quite incredible to think about.   The truth is now that he's ready for eternal rest.  He's told us that he's ready to meet God.  The whole thing has me spending time reflecting on life and death...and letting go.  What a beautiful, beautiful life we have.  There's so much to experience...so much to learn, enjoy, love, create, explore, discover, do... I want to make the most of it, and, God willing, help change the lives of those around me (both animals and people) for the better.   So go hug your families now, create a little more this week, and thank God for all your blessings.  *End random babbling*

Soo.... My desk.  I took the picture of the flowers earlier so there was better lighting :)

I bought these flowers just so I could use them as a painting subject to practice watercolor still lifes!

Here's my desk today.   A pile of cards I got from swaps and one card that I did ( the flower, of course).  I don't like at all the way the flower turned out so I'll keep right on practicing with my watercolors.  Lately, I've just been playing around with my set of plain old Prang watercolors.  I have a really nice set of fancy-shmancy watercolors, but for some reason...I've just felt like using the basic set.  There's a news paper, a remote...random art odds and ends and a note book with a list of trades/swaps I'm participating in.  I need to work on cards for the swaps I'm hosting (Watercolor still lifes, watercolor landscapes, and colorful hot air balloons).but maybe I'll do that next week!

Peace and Love, y'all!  Thanks for visiting. 

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Bridget Larsen Australia said...

Your pa is so inspiring, all the stories he can tell you. Love your flowers, gorgeous selection and varied colours.
Bridget #7

Hazel said...

Thank you for sharing about your grandpa and, yes, we need to make the most of life. Thanks for visiting me - lol! at the artistic effect of my pictures (I've added daylight ones now, but they aren't much different). Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #8 x

JoZart said...

Lovely to read about your pride and memories of your Grandfather. I hope it all goes peacefully for him and for you.
Beautiful flowers and you should think of him as you paint them.
Thinking of you,
JoZarty x

Karen McAlpine said...

Sending you a virtual hug. Grandpa's are so special.
I like the flower painting and think it would be a great ATC. Lovely bouquet.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to read about your Grandpa, it's not random bubbling, it's from the heart. Very sorry that this sorrow has to be in your life, but someone much wiser than me once told me at the death of my brother "don't be sad that he's gone, be happy that you knew him". Lovely flowers, I'm sure you'll mater painting them, if not buy some more, they're wonderful to have around. So, are you having sarnies for lunch then!!

Brenda 5

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a beautiful, inspiring post! Thanks for sharing!! Good luck with your painting!

Jeannie #62

BJ said...

Thanks for stopping by. I can see you are a painter (that which I am not sadly) Gorgeous flowers, good luck with the painting.
Happy WOYWW BJ #6

May said...

Great to read about your grandpa... beautiful flowers & fab colours.. Hugs May x x x#4

Maxam Made said...

great post today! I enjoyed the reminder of how special and unique life is!

Di said...

What a lovely post Katie.

Belated Happy WOYWW, Di xx #10

Tertia said...

What a wonderful age to be 94! So much wisdom to share, if only the world would listen.
Your desk looks great, I would love to play there.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #52
Ps. Those flowers made me smile.

Neesie said...

You have written a wonderfully inspiring post. I feel priviledged that you shared your special Grandpa with us.
I had a post not so long ago that had a poem (link here http://neesienatters.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/this-old-man.html

It really touched me and thanks for making me keep my focus on what's really important.
Beautiful flowers too...they always make me smile :D
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do ~ enjoy!

Neesie #11

Julia Dunnit said...

The likes of your beloved Grandpa are rare indeed, and letting o and being ready are big things to contemplate, sending you strength and love for the days ahead.

Amy E said...

Thank you for sharing such sweet thoughts about your grandpa. I feel like we all lose another piece of history when we lose someone who has lived so long and through so much. I'm glad you're starting to find some peace.

Amy E. #3

okienurse said...

Love the story of your grandpa. It is amazing when you think of all the changes between then and now. I love that big yellow flower. My daughter tells me watercolor isn't a forgiving medium and I need to just keep on trying but...it is difficult. Sorry I am so late getting around but it is what it is with family, crafts, etc. time can sometimes become a premium! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #68

Katie Bolinger said...

Katie, my father had aspiration pneumonia several times and I know how hard it is to watch a loved one struggle through it. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your grandfather.

Katie #158