30 August 2012


So I'm late, as usual. This is a special WOYWW (http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/) since this week I was was visiting my grandpa over the last few days.  He's in hospice care at my parents house 6 hours from here.  I had a few days just to sit with him and chit chat while he was awake, and read or paint while he rested.   We had a great visit.  I was amused to see this 94 year old farmer fall in love with my parents little dachshund, Rusty.  Rusty has refused to leave his side since he first started getting sick (when he aspirated).  The little stinker crawls right back into his bed and snuggles by Pa after we place him on the floor.  Pa says he does more good than any doctor ever could.   On Wednesday, I was back on the road so I could go back to work today.

Painting while my grandpa rests

Rusty snuggling with Pa.

Pa has had lots of visitors.

While I was in AR, I dropped by to say hello to my in-laws at Art Outfitters in Little Rock.  Of course...I had to make a few little purchases.  So here are the additions I made to my art stash :)

21 August 2012


Wednesday finds my desk again.  I'm so tired I had to retype today's name 3 times before my brain got the right spelling. Play along at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ 

*Begin random babbling*  My grandpa is hospitalized now with aspiration pneumonia.  He's 94 and has had a full and wonderful life.  If you think about all the world events that have happend in the last century and what he's lived through, it's really mind boggling.   Women didn't even have the right to vote (in the US) when he was born (1919), the empire state building was built when he was around 12 (1930), The Great Depression, WW2 ( during which he fixed torpedos in Hawaii), television invented, first man sent to space, Civil Rights Act, 9/11, first black US president.  As a simple carpenter for a local paper mill and a farmer, he sent his 4 sons to college.   It's really quite incredible to think about.   The truth is now that he's ready for eternal rest.  He's told us that he's ready to meet God.  The whole thing has me spending time reflecting on life and death...and letting go.  What a beautiful, beautiful life we have.  There's so much to experience...so much to learn, enjoy, love, create, explore, discover, do... I want to make the most of it, and, God willing, help change the lives of those around me (both animals and people) for the better.   So go hug your families now, create a little more this week, and thank God for all your blessings.  *End random babbling*

Soo.... My desk.  I took the picture of the flowers earlier so there was better lighting :)

I bought these flowers just so I could use them as a painting subject to practice watercolor still lifes!

Here's my desk today.   A pile of cards I got from swaps and one card that I did ( the flower, of course).  I don't like at all the way the flower turned out so I'll keep right on practicing with my watercolors.  Lately, I've just been playing around with my set of plain old Prang watercolors.  I have a really nice set of fancy-shmancy watercolors, but for some reason...I've just felt like using the basic set.  There's a news paper, a remote...random art odds and ends and a note book with a list of trades/swaps I'm participating in.  I need to work on cards for the swaps I'm hosting (Watercolor still lifes, watercolor landscapes, and colorful hot air balloons).but maybe I'll do that next week!

Peace and Love, y'all!  Thanks for visiting. 

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15 August 2012

WOYWW - late as always :)

Play along http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/

Here's my workspace this week!   My little crafty corner.  I have all my craft supplies in my wardrobe - neatly tucked away. 

And here is a close up of my desk.   It's got some cards I got in the mail, a list of swaps I'm participating in, prang watercolors, to-do list for today, grocery list..

On the floor are these books from the library. :) Lots of things to inspire...

Thanks for looking! 

Peace and Love, y'all!
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12 August 2012

Recent Swaps and Art

I've been signing up for as many swaps as I can lately over at ATCsforALL :) Here are some of the cards I've mailed:
Coffee swap!

Top Hat swap

Sheep Sheep

Big Eyed creatures

It's been a lot of fun creating cards and getting back in the swing of creativity :)  Chase and I have both been somewhat stressed by work.  So this has been my outlet.

Peace and Love, y'all.
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08 August 2012


Play along here http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/  

Nothing really interesting on my desk today.  It's kinda a mess with all the stuff I used to make some ATCs for swaps (already mailed).  Since it was a boring day for my desk...

Here is my shelf :)  It's got all my books about art, altered books, art journals, and some boxes of supplies. 

Peace and Love, y'all!
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01 August 2012

WOYWW - almost forgot!

So I spent this Wednesday spaying and neutering animals at the local shelter.  Last time I resisted looking at all the available animals, but this time I decided 1 peak wouldn't hurt.  I walked down the halls, and all the animals peered through their doors with their sad little eyes.  Sorry loves...I'm not the one your waiting for.  I wish I could save them all, but I'll have to settle with volunteering my time preventing more unwanted animals from being born.  Anyway...I almost forgot what day it is!  

It's WOYWW hosted by Julia over at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/.  On my desk is a notebook with a list of swaps I want to do and trades I have going (ATCs), stamps, envelopes ready to mail, cards I've been working on, and assortment of other goodies :)

My workspace in crafty disarray...  Hubby got me a "little" television for my craft corner and it can stream netflix :) Fun fun. 

And right next to my desk, there's a little Ruby-dog keeping me company :)

The to do list for me today:

-Save all the unwanted animals...er...maybe just spay/neuter a few so they can find good homes.
-Clean up the vegetarian cages (ie., the guinea pigs and chinchilla)
-Tackle the house "Hot Spots" (those spots where clutter seems to breed and multiply)
-pay bills and organize our finances

Peace and love y'all!

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