18 July 2012

WOYWW - AC unit, Animals, Armoire, Abdomen, Art/Heart/Healing,

Welcome to WOYWW!  Hosted by Julia over at the Stamping Ground every Wednesday (http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/) :)  I had such great intentions of posting early this week, but it just didn't happen! 

The babbling about random events:
First of all, on Monday night my brother called to tell me that my mom had to call an ambulance for my dad b/c he was having severe abdominal pain.  He's doing fine now.  The docs said it was likely just a stomach bug and sent him home for supportive care.   After that call, I noticed the temperature in my house was 78...3 degrees higher than what it should have been..and approaching too hot for some of my animals.   We realized the condensor thingy outside wasn't even running any more.  Long story short, we were without AC yesterday, but they fixed it today. So there's was a lot to take care of before I could snap a picture. 

The tour of my workspace:
 I thought I had it all squared away last week, but my folks brought up an armoire they are giving to us.  Armoire...that word never looks right.  Oh well...I fit almost all my craft supplies in it :)  Ewedora is the sheep on top of it.  She's rather an old sheep now - 9 years old!  She was a high school art project.

My crafting supplies and Ewedora on top. 

And look! My desk isn't completely empty this week!  HOORAY! On it is a book I'm about to alter...it's going to be my Art, Heart, and Healing Journal.   That's a free course offered by Willowing (linky thing on the side bar) that I think is going to be a lot of fun...and really good for me since I'm a little anxious lately.   Also on my desk is a stack of pages from a bird calender.  A bird a day to create art with!  What else?  random things...key to unknown car (maybe hubby's), new light switch i need to install, graduation card, coupons, speaker, tools to remove splinter from husband's foot... that's all!  Thanks for looking!  I can't wait to look around this week at everyone's crafty corners!

Peace and Love, y'all!
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Robin Panzer Art said...

Glad to hear your Dad's okay. What a cool armoire. Sounds like the journal will be a wonderful journey. Happy WOYWW #125 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

jill said...

How worrying for you , but i'm glad you dad is a little better . Happy crafting jill #52

Queen Lightwell said...

You got your new craft room paint job finished, too, I see. :) Love the armoire, its so nice and it looks like almost all your supplies fit so neatly. Glad your dad is okay, whenever you have to go to the E.R. it can be so scary.
Hope your journal creating/altering goes well and thanks for stopping by my space and leaving me a comment! :)
Deeyll #138

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm sorry you had a scare about your Dad and the hassle of a broken a/c! Hope next week is better! Thanks for visiting me already! Darnell #142

Sandy Leigh said...

Armoires are the best! I would love to have one, though, just to hide all those supplies. So glad your dad will be okay! I hope you have a much better week next week, and thank you for visiting me! I couldn't resist clicking on that Willowing link--I love it so much, I signed up to join! Sandy at #140

505whimsygirl said...

I'm glad your dad is doing fine. It's always best to get checked out rather than ignore symptoms. The armoire is VERY cool -- oh and that sheep, I'm in love! I can see why you've hung on to it.

Have fun with the journaling e-course.

Kay #36

sandee said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing well, love the armoire and the sheep! Such a pretty place to have for your supplies! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

Julia Dunnit said...

Had to enlarge to check that by 'tools' you did only mean tweezers and a pin! happy to read that your Papa is doing OK, scarey stuff when oarents are poorly. The armoire is gorgeous.

Shoshi said...

Sorry you've had rather a trying week, but glad your dad will be OK. Awful about the air conditioning! The armoire is beautiful, and I do love Ewedora and especially her name lol!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Kezzy said...

Hope your dad is starting to feel better, and your feeling cooler now the AC is fixed. Love your craft room and wow that Amoire (err think I spelt it wrong) fits all your crafty bits, it looks fantastic and Mr sheep (or was it a mrs) is looking good for her age. I might have a look at the free class, I want to start a journal, bought books and dvds but I just feel anxious to start. Thanks for the hug you sent my way. Happy Woyww :-) Kerry x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I thought that big hunk of furniture in your August 1 post was new (armoire thingy) so I scrolled down to see what there is to see. I love the amount of stuff you got stashed in there. How nice to get it out of sight but still handy.