16 July 2012

Random non-Wednesday post

Phew! I'm so tired this week...and it's only Monday.   This last weekend my parents came up for a visit to bring the piano and a wardrobe.  Thanks to the help of some people from church, the two new pieces of furniture are happily settled in.  I'm so happy to have my piano here... I'm not very good at it, but I like to putter around with it.  Music is therapeutic.  My mom and I rearranged all my crafting supplies so they are all contained within the wardrobe thingy.   That freed up a couple of shelves to put in other places.  I'm even letting Chase have a shelf all of his own :)   My dog chewed my SD card for my camera, and I don't at present know where my backup cards are.  Whoops.  Bad Ruby Dog!  Otherwise I'd take a picture to share.   We also checked out every one of the used furniture shops and flea markets in the Columbia area, and we found a bed frame for the "girly" guest room.  This room is red and white with lots of pictures and mementos from our wedding.  The bed we bought is a simple frame with a cherry veneer.   The bed just completes the ambiance of that room :)  Anyway...the weekend was a lot of fun, and it went by too quickly.    I wish our family lived closer - I miss them.  Sometimes having the 2 extra bedrooms just makes me feel lonely.  I miss my family, and I miss all my wonderful vet school friends.

I've been wondering lately how I can get my creative spark going again.  Graduating, moving, and starting a new job sort of drained the creative juices.  Work is sometimes stressful.  My patients often take a large portion of my brain after I clock out each day.  I carry my patients in my heart - always.  Sometimes that burden is not easy to carry.  I'm learning to rely on God to take care of them and guide my decisions with regards to my patients.  After all... true healing comes from God, but I like to think He works through me as his instrument of healing :)

Back to the creativity!  I have another blog that I've set to publish weekly art subjects, but I've been too busy to keep up with it.   I haven't really felt like doing it anyway.   So I decided to maybe do another online class... Art Trader discontinued their classes *sad* so I had to try somewhere else.  I'm not very good at actually finishing classes I sign up for, but I enjoy puttering around with them just the same.  The class I've decided on is a free one over at Willowing:  Art, Heart & Healing  (Look! I added a shiny new blog tag thingy linking to Willowing on my sidebar).  It sounds like a fun, whimsical class with a little bit of art therapy mixed in :)  Sometimes in my art I write my prayers down as the first layer..then gesso and paint over it so it's not legible to others.  It's a way for me to get my feelings down and process some of the more difficult things to deal with... like having to put down an animal I just can't do anything to save.

Peace and Love, y'all!

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