27 June 2012

WOYWW - Paint swatches :)

I'm a late-comer this week, but that's because I had work. :) Wednesdays are usually off or half days. 

So what's on my workspace this Wednesday?  Well a decision of sorts.  My husband and I agreed on 2 shades of green to try.  The rest of our house is a neutral yellow.  Maybe once I get this project done I can start painting again :)

Any opinions on the colors?

Peace and Love, y'all!
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Kat Griffin said...

I like the darker more greenish one
Happy week ahead !

Neesie said...

The darker one would be my choice too as long as you get enough light into the room.
I thought I'd start visiting from the back of the WOYWW list this week.
Thanks for sharing...Happy WOYWW ~ Neesie #39

EELS said...

Yep the darker one
Elaine #33

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your desk under the window is like mine; isn't it great? As for the paint color, I love both shades, but I prefer the lighter one. (I seem to be outnumbered at this point!) Have a great week! Darnell #55

Cardarian said...

I like thr brighter green..I have a very similar colored wall in my bedroom and it works fine!

BJ said...

I guess I'd go a bit more minty green. BJ#4

Anne said...

Mmmmmm decisions decisions. I think it does depend on the light. My 'craft room' is one end of a spare bedroom and the walls are a paler green cos the room can be dark. Look forward to seeing what you choose. Sorry I'm late getting here. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x

Queen Lightwell said...

I think I like the sample on the walls surrounding your windows... what about doing all the walls but one in that color and then the other wall in an accent color? Like that fabulous blue in the bird ATC by your desk? Or the blue on the dog biscuit jar? It seems like they are all similar to the blue of those lids on that shelf to the left of your desk (if you were sitting at your desk, I mean). That way it wouldn't end up being too dark as that blue/turquoise would really pop and brighten it up. :) Of course I would say something like that though! Did you see the paint job in my craft room?
Here is a link to pictures with some wall area in them:
We used 3 colors but you could just do 2 or whatever. Just an idea...and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment(I replied to it-on my blog). :)

SueH said...

It’s really not easy choosing paint colours is it, I’ve just had decorating done and have just gone through the same process.

I really like the lighter of the two shades but you could always have the darker shade on just one wall, I think that would look great too. Good luck with your decision.

Happy Crafting!
# 143

Samantha Elliott said...

Oooo! Tricky question to answer, not being there and that. Maybe I should pop over for a wine and discussion? If I had to choose then the lighter as it would not darken the room too much for art stuff!
Good luck! Thanks for your visit and kind wishes.

Tracy said...

They all look great.
It is so hard to pick a perfect paint colour.
Your room is a real nice size :)