02 June 2012

Some Favorite Wildlife Shots

These are some of my pictures from our trip West. 

This one was taken at the Grizzly and Wolf Learning Center.  I think it's amazing...Did you spot the wolf?

While we were driving one day...it started hailing.  The stinging as hail hit the bison drove them to nearly stampede!  They were all tossing their heads as they ran very close to the line of cars trying to get by.

This is a bear we saw while driving. 

This is an ermine (short tailed weasel) who popped out of the ground while we were enjoying a picnic.  Isn't he cute?  I read that ground squirrels are a favorite food so no wonder he liked picnic tables since the squirrels will practically come up to you hoping for a bite of picnic food.  Of course, no one in my family feeds wild animals since that encourages unnatural behavior...but we were still happy to see this little guy.

So you might be wondering how my first day went... In summary, it was a good day.  I might post on it later :)
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