27 June 2012

WOYWW - Paint swatches :)

I'm a late-comer this week, but that's because I had work. :) Wednesdays are usually off or half days. 

So what's on my workspace this Wednesday?  Well a decision of sorts.  My husband and I agreed on 2 shades of green to try.  The rest of our house is a neutral yellow.  Maybe once I get this project done I can start painting again :)

Any opinions on the colors?

Peace and Love, y'all!
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20 June 2012

WOYWW - Getting settled in..

Happy WOYWW!  http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/

This past weekend, my husband and I packed up all our belongings (ie, crap) and moved into our new house!  Chase's parents came up to help over the weekend, our community group cam over to help unpack on Sunday, and my mom and aunt came to help us get to a "livable" state of settled in Monday and Tuesday. I pushed it a little too hard and got a summer cold.  Luckily we hired professionals for the big stuff or we'd be even more exhausted.
Moving truck!  Well worth the money to hire professionals to move the big stuff. 

Here's my new craft space - complete with chinchilla (and soon a guinea pig too).  Hopefully over the next week or two I can get it squared away enough to start crafting.

Questions for the lovely WOYWWers:

-What color should I paint this room?  I was thinking a green - maybe sage green?  I was voting for a lime green, but my husband says that's too bold.  I also like pale blue.   The rest of my house is a neutral sort of yellow - lots of red furniture.   Maybe sage green walls with red accents... All I know is..it's certainly not staying white!
-Window treatment ideas?  Anyone got any clever ideas for them? 

Thanks for stopping by!

*Edit*  Here's the latest addition to our family!  Don't know what we'll name him yet...maybe Panda-piggy.  He's from a local pet store that is closing.  He's an older fellow so he didn't find a new home quickly after he was dumped at the shop.  Since they are closing, the owner asked me to take this little fellow.  She's still working hard to place the rest of the critters.  I might take one more male guinea pig if she doesn't sell them all. 
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05 June 2012


Of course Blogger deleted this post the first time I wrote it.  Oh well!  Here's my desk this week!  Thanks to Julia for hosting!  http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/  I'm sorry I didn't get around to even half of the desks I wanted to last week.  Maybe this is the week I'll get through them all.

On my desk this week is a watercolor sketch for Draw! Sketch! Doodle weekly challenge (link on sidebar) and my altered book (the Love themed one).  I've had a lot of fun painting this week :) It's been a great stress relief from my first week of my "adult" job :)


Peace and Love, y'all!  Thanks for stopping by
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02 June 2012

Some Favorite Wildlife Shots

These are some of my pictures from our trip West. 

This one was taken at the Grizzly and Wolf Learning Center.  I think it's amazing...Did you spot the wolf?

While we were driving one day...it started hailing.  The stinging as hail hit the bison drove them to nearly stampede!  They were all tossing their heads as they ran very close to the line of cars trying to get by.

This is a bear we saw while driving. 

This is an ermine (short tailed weasel) who popped out of the ground while we were enjoying a picnic.  Isn't he cute?  I read that ground squirrels are a favorite food so no wonder he liked picnic tables since the squirrels will practically come up to you hoping for a bite of picnic food.  Of course, no one in my family feeds wild animals since that encourages unnatural behavior...but we were still happy to see this little guy.

So you might be wondering how my first day went... In summary, it was a good day.  I might post on it later :)
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