20 March 2012

Update etc

The first batch of graduation announcements went off today :) I have to buy more stamps for the remainder.

 I've been finished with my "formal" education for two weeks and I'm doing working interviews now. I'd say the first one went really well. I'm in the middle of the second one now. Time will tell what the future holds! Pray that God will provide the RIGHT job for me and make that choice clear. 

As graduation approaches, my emotions are very mixed. I'm sad to think the close friends I made during my four years of vet school will all be scattering all over the country. I'll miss them, but I'm happy for them as they pursue the next step accomplishing their dreams. As the same time, I'm nervous but thrilled to be practicing as a veterinarian. I still have a lot to learn, but I truly believe that I will be a good veterinarian...and I will help many, many animals and their owners in my lifetime. How blessed am I to get to do what I love! This phase of my life is full of unknowns, but I will trust in God's plan for my life. 

Peace and love, y'all.