27 February 2012

Saving the World

A couple of Sundays, the message at The Crossing was about work and ministry and it really struck a chord with me.  God has given me such a blessing in that he has placed me in my DREAM JOB!  I've always known and always worked toward the goal of becoming a veterinarian.  I feel that this my calling - what I was uniquely designed to do.  As I get closer to getting to live that goal out, I feel a calling to do more than just help the animals.  I also want to help the children - the children who need a safe haven.  My husband and I can provide the discipline, love, and hope the children need.  We will be their advocates, mentors, teachers, ...foster parents.   We're out to change the world!  I realized that my heart seeks to help those without a voice and those whose voices are not heard - the children and the animals. 

Your work is your ministry.  Even just cleaning your yard and doing a job well done. Do it as if for the Lord!  Engage culture restoratively.  Making people happy and flourish in your workplace.  Your calling as a Christian, is to make the world a better place.

One of my favorite inspirational stories is the starfish story (adapted from The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley).  You should do a quick internet search for it (it's posted many, many places), because it's worth reading :)

19 February 2012

Hayao Miyazaki

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Chase and I saw the newest Studio Ghibli film this weekend: The Secret Life of Arrietty.  Just like their other films, this one did not disappoint.  The world of Arrietty was stunningly beautiful and the story while simple was thought provoking.  So I made some Hayao Miyazaki films and make this week's Draw Sketch Doodle challenge to be inspired by a movie!

Wish me luck on my interview tomorrow.

05 February 2012

Fun in Ophthalmology

I'm currently in an ophthalmology elective and having a blast.  Instead of a test this time through, I'm supposed to present a topic.  Since I'm not so big into presentations...I got permission to make a game!  I still haven't thought of a clever title, but I have all the cards made and the game pieces.  I hope my clinicians like them since they are the caricaturized characters.  I think the premise will be the ophthalmology department has forgotten everything!  Help them remember what different colors on the cornea mean!

Step 1...draw out your characters on paper then trace them onto Shrinky dink.  Then flip the shrinky-dink over and paint them (I used acrylic)

Next: Bake them and watch them shrink and twist...and then hopefully straighten out...Or not.  This one was a flop, and I had to redo it.
Step 3.  I sprayed the one side with fixative to protect the paint and then I let that dry.  Next I hot glued the pieces onto half marbles :)

Here are 2 examples of the cake pops I made for food day (on ophthalmology).

Peace and Love,y'all.

Be sure to pop on over to Draw! Sketch! Doodle! to play along and sketch a caricature this week! 
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