14 January 2012

Joy and celebrate

I did this painting as a part of Strathmore's online class.  It's massive (when you're used to working in ATC size).  It's 18 x 24 inches!  What am I going to do with it?  It's not my usual style so I can't really say I'd like to hang it up somewhere! Maybe I'll cut it up into pieces and use those for more art!  Maybe I'll paint something on top of it!  I dunno.  Ideas?

I'm enjoying the class quite a bit as it encourages me to loosen up with art.  This was made by placing random objects (ie, stencils) on the page...then spraying acrylic paint onto the page.   Then I added a yellow wash to the whole page. Next up - random doodling with warm colors, followed by inking and adding the white.    :)  But seriously...what the heck does one do with a painting such as this? 

In other news...I got a pretty important piece of mail today.  I was shopping with friends at the mall when we started hearing rumors that NAVLE scores were arriving with the mail.  So I called Chase...and it was there.

I PASSED!   So some celebratory self-portraits after a nice dinner at Babbo's were taken to commemorate the event. 
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Anna said...

So proud of my baby!!!! My doctor baby! You look fantastic! I love your outfit.