21 December 2011

Wednesday Workspace

I haven't played in ages! So here goes! You can play too at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/

Who could resist these fun stripey yarns from Hobby Lobby :) I've got patterns picked out and people in mind! Good thing I'm not exchange gifts until New Years, because I have a lot of crocheting to do!

And Painting-wise..here's what I have on my desk. Memorable Moments swap stuff. This is a swap I'm hosting, but haven't had too many people sign up for yet, but there's still time.
My cards are my greyhound in bunny ears, first dance with my hubby, found a pony... and the saddest card I've ever painted (Saying goodbye). In high school, I had this little monster of a dog that I adored. Corky developed lymphoma and we had to put him down. This was one of the last moments I had with him. You can see from just my outline that his poor submandibular lymph nodes are massive :( We'll see if I actually finish that one.  Maybe it's strange to paint something so sad..but I place a lot of value on that memory.  Since I'll soon be a veterinarian (just 140ish more days!), remembering how it feels to loose my own beloved dog helps me get my clients through the loss of their beloved pet.  Unfortunately, I take the loss of my patients really hard too, and today was one of those tough days.  There were many hugs and many tears along with a resounding feeling..that we did everything we could.  That's the bittersweet part of being a veterinarian.  *end random sad tangent*

The only of my Memorable Moment cards that is finished. :)

Merry Christmas to all of you!

And please remember to keep all your holiday food out reach of your pets (especially those chocolates and anything with raisins)!
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Gloria said...

I love your card, it's awesome. Your workspace is inviting. I've never been one to crochet, my fingers cramp up. I would love to be able to crochet. Thx for stopping by my blog. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Doone said...

consider me signed up for the swap - if you let me know how -

thanks for visiting me (99) happy holiday season


TangolikeRaindrop said...

What fabulous wool and I love your card. :) Merry Christmas! Tango #84

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Love your coloured wools, I use those random striped yarns as well - in fact I'm knitting a sweater for my husband in it.
There's such pressure to be relentlessly cheery these days - it's ok to be sad at the passing of a loved one. I admire you becoming a vet, I think I'd be in tears most of the time!! I'm such a wuss...!!
Hope you have the best Christmas,
LLJ #43 xx

Sarah said...

good to see you and love your colours! Thanks for sharing in such a busy week! Hope you have a very festive and wonderfully merry time - see you in 2012! Sarah at 11.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Thanks for sharing your sad times and your happy times with us. How does one find a pony?!

MaggieC said...

I could think of so many things I would like to create with that stripy yarn. It is so bright and cheerful. Good luck with your progress to becoming a vet. It is so hard when you lose a beloved pet. Two years after losing our two Burmese cats within six weeks of each other, I saw one at a friend's house that was the image of one of ours, and I cried buckets all evening (wonderful guest). You might like to pop back to my blog and read about yet another scam which seems to be doing the rounds (we have just been called from them), just when we are up to our eyes in last minute preparations. Have a lovely Christmas.

May said...

your craft space is so inviting I just love your card, Merry Christmas x x x Hugs May x x x

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh dear tears are starting, as I hate to say goodbye to my best friends, and I have 2 that wont be here long now, both are getting very old, 15yr Border Collie, who's hair is falling out for some unknown reason, and a 9 1/2 yr old Dane. We lost one Dane 18mths ago, cancer, and the pup we got is her re-incarnated! They do come back I believe.
happy crotcheting, must dig mine back out if I can stop the pup running off with the wool, are you any good explaining to a dog, that he is a dog, not a cat? if so fancy popping over here and explaining the differences to him?
Happy belated WOYWW and if I dont pop back before, Merry Christmas,
Lou #34

Sam said...

That card is gorgeous. Thanks for visiting me and I hope you had a breat Christmas!