09 October 2011

More Apple Adventures

This weekend went by too quickly as they all seem to do. We briefly made an appearance at the Pumpkin Festival, but it was too crowded for comfort. I made some recipe cards and baked...and that was about it for the weekend! I wish we had one more Sunday before Monday hits... UGH.

Wheatie Apple Bread? - Dunno I made it up

Another taste of home recipe: Almond Apple Cheesecake
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06 October 2011

Apple Baking Adventure #1

For my first apple-baking endeavor I chose a recipe from Taste of Home: Apple Pinwheels.

They turned out delicious. The only changse I made to the recipe is I didn't use apple pie seasoning as directed. Instead I used cinnamon and sugar to taste with a touch of nutmeg. I also bought a pre-made dough that comes in the solid sheet instead of crescent roll dough (why make more work for myself?). They were a big hit at school!

Peace and Love, y'all

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02 October 2011

Apple picking adventures

Today after church, 3 ladies and I set forth on a grand adventure to find an apple orchard. We headed east for about an hour to Thierbach Orchard just west of St. Louis. It was a gorgeous day: bright, sunny skies and the perfect temperature.

The trees were picked over with all the remaining apples being mostly on the high branches. After sampling one...we picked mostly Mutsu apples. My goodness! It was one of the most delicious apples I've ever eaten! It was so juicy, our hands and faces were just as sticky as any of those belonging to the children running around in the orchard...

Safety first! One person to spot, one to hold the ladder, and one to grab the apples from the picker :)

Fall is upon us! You can see the yellow and orange creeping into the scenery.

The beautiful day spent with friends was just what we needed!

Peace and love, y'all
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