07 September 2011

Weekend adventures

Chase and I had a weekend off recently. We went to Eagle Bluffs, hiked at Rock Bridge, and then drove west stopping wherever we pleased. It didn't quite end up as I had hoped...we didn't stop at any historical sites, flea markets, museums...We didn't see very many signs for them. So we did a lot of hiking and got covered in ticks. Chase saw some good birds, and I took some pictures of cool critters we found. It was a relaxing weekend :) Here are some pictures:

"Wife of a Birder"

In other news, I've been busy preparing for life after school. I signed up for the NAVLE (big veterinary liscensing exam - school is for naught if I don't pass this). I'm taking it right before Thanksgiving. I'm only 12% through VetPrep...so I have a long way to go on my studying. Saturday, I'm going to a social meeting of the veterinary association to try to meet some future employers. Wish me luck! Chase has frequently been reminding me that God will see us through. Not having my "plans" for the future solidified causes more stress than it should...after all you can't really predict what the future brings.

Peace and Love, y'all

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Becca said...

I agree with Chase - God will see you through.

Good luck on the exam!