24 July 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Chase and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary tomorrow. 2 years!!! How quickly they flew by! I have to say I love him more than ever. We're still very happy together and we intend to stay happy! We have such wonderful adventures together - from hot air balloons, lost ponies, fields of sunflowers - we really enjoy our time together! We laugh ourselves to tears almost once a week. Anyway...Happy Anniversary to us!

Peace and Love, y'all.

P.s. I'm having an episode of "Sick of school" and...."what the heck do I do after school?!" right now. Eep.
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23 July 2011

Saturday Adventures

I had most of the day off today -only having to go check on my patient in the morning. So Chase and I set out on an adventure to photograph sunflowers. We had seen a field of them at sunset a couple of weeks ago, but when we arrived in the blazing heat today most of them were past their prime. As soon as we got back to the apartment we both fell asleep for a couple of hours...the heat just takes it out of you! Stay cool out there!

Peace and Love, y'all
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15 July 2011


I've had my first three days of my surgery rotation (starting with neurology). So far it hasn't been as bad as expected. Now don't get me wrong, it is a lot of hard work. I didn't get home from school until 10:30 last night. But so far it has been very interesting. As long as the clinicians keep their attitudes positive and stay in a teaching mood, I think I might enjoy this part of surgery. A lot of the surgeries we do are very successful, and we can take a dog unable to walk and give it the ability to walk. AWESOME!

12 July 2011

Recent Events - Trudging Onward

Chase and I helped with a picnic sponsored by Chase's boss this weekend. She put Chase in charge of planning it, so he was very relieved that it was a fun event for all involved. Of course, there was way too much food, but everyone had a blast and, most importantly, Chase's boss was pleased.

Sunday we went to church. The sermon continued to follow the life of Joseph...stuck in a foreign land without a job in economic hard times trying to follow God's will. It was a good sermon and very applicable to our life now. Afterward I met Santana at the mall for pedicures. I chose a vibrant red, and she has the blue with flowers.

I also hit up New York and Company's sale on last season's styles (who cares about keeping up to date anyway!). I bought this shirt and one just like it in brown :) HOoray for new clothes! Now I have to wait for this season's styles to go out so I can stock up on the beautiful pink that just came in.

I finished my Therio rotation today. I didn't leave it with that satisfied feeling that comes from knowing you did your best. What can I say? Having my arm shoved up a cow's rectum up to the shoulder is just not my thing...neither is collecting semen using phantom mares and artificial vaginas, eletroejaculators, or digital manipulation. Nope...not fun at all. I'm glad to be finished with it. You know what my reproductive advice is for dogs and cats? SPAY and NEUTER your pets please! Needless to say, I put forth what effort I could muster despite the unappealing nature of the work to be done. I didn't do so well on the test either. Oh well...pretty sure I passed (or at least I feel that I should pass). Tomorrow I start my surgery rotation, and I'm really nervous about it. It's only for 6 weeks so I just have to jump in and get it done! I feel like it's all down hill from there. After surgery, I'll have community medicine (6 weeks), internal medicine (3 weeks), anesthesia (3 weeks), radiology (3 weeks), ophthalmology (3 weeks), and 3 weeks of a spay-neuter preceptorship. I'll have 9 weeks to do more preceptorships and job hunt!

Peace and Love, y'all

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05 July 2011

The 4th of July

Chase's family came to visit over the holiday weekend. We had a great time just hanging out and checking out the local frozen custard and yogurt shops. I was on call for a lot of the weekend, but managed to only get called in for 2 emergencies :) Hooray! So I was able to cook all the food I had planned on making...spinach and tomato-bacon quiche on biscuit, zucchini bread, rainson bran bread, and oven-baked fried chicken. We visited my favorite Thai food place, and it was ooooh soooo delicious! I wish we lived closer so we could visit more often (and I love cooking for people...). Ruby wishes they would stay all the time...she needs more respect (she got a bath and her anal glands expressed today).

Summer is undeniably here! My flowers are in bloom; my tomato plant is growing well, but has no blooms yet.

To celebrate the 4th Chase and I went over to a friends house for bbq and fireworks. No sooner had I grabbed a sparkler did my phone ring. So I had to go in to help with a sick animal, but I watched the city's fireworks from the vet school parking lot waiting for it to arrive.

My hibiscus is flowering :)

Chase spread some birdseed out in the weed patch behind our apartment (where there were formerly trees before the power company cut them down), and look what grew: big beautiful sunflowers! So if we don't make it to a field of sunflowers this summer - at least I'll have some here to enjoy!

Peace and Love, y'all!
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