04 June 2011

Cicadas and Radioactive poo

This is a year of the cicada so the trees are just crawling with them! So I whipped out my zoom lens and tried to snap some shots...occasionally pausing to flail and hit at my hair. Speaking of hair...I got a wild hair and had mine cut short again :) I like it short.

Right now I'm on my oncology rotation and I love it. I know it really sounds quite depressing dealing with cancer on a daily basis...but only the most dedicated of owners come here and only really awesome animals get chemo and radiation. One funny thing that happened involved one of the dogs recieving a radioactive chemical to help treat his cancer. Well the poor fellow isn't allowed outside for 48 hours while the radioactive thingy decays, so he was put on wood shavings for his visit. On his final day, we had to given him a bath. We were decked out in plastic jump suits, face masks, hair nets, double gloved, and double plastic boots..and wearing a bright yellow apron. The bath went well, but as soon as I set him on the ground...he POOPED. So I had to call the head hauncho to find out how to dispose of the poop. Basically I just put it in a trash bin radioactive material and taped off the area with orange plastic. It was such a funny situation. Luckily nobody got any radiation :)

Today was glorious! I woke up late, trudged over to the oven and threw some cinnamon roles in, walked the dogs while they were cooking, and returned to a nice cup of joe w/ cinnamon rolls to share with my husband. Then I went to a BeautiControl party for fask masks, mini manicure and peticures :) After that I was feeling like shopping - so I headed off ot the mall and got a hair cut and my eyebrows done. HOORAY for being out of the dungeon and HOORAY for free weekends. I only had to go in for 1 hour to walk 3 dogs. So... my smile has returned in full force! Sorry for the whiny posts earlier.

Peace and Love, y'all

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monkmey said...

Wow, talk about a steaming pile...... you had to deal with a radioactive pile. : ) Lucy does that EVERY time she gets a bath. I'm so glad you are having a better block this time.