11 June 2011

Burgers & bunnies

This is my layout for our "F" restaurant: Five Guys. They had good burgers.

This weekend, I don't have a patient in the hospital so I pretty much get the weekend off :) Hooray. My only responsibility this morning was walking the greyhounds. So I get the two ladies I'm responsible for leashed up and head out on our morning walk. The bunnies were out in full force...Once I reached the halfway mark, one particularly stupid bunny refused to move as the dogs stared, ready to pounce. Before I could tighten the slack in the leash the bunny decided it should indeed hop off - initiating the chase. Of course in proper comic book fashion, I was left hanging on the end of the leash as I belly flopped onto the grass after my shins came to a rapid stop at the 2 foot retaining wall the dogs jumped over. I never let go of the leashes... *Greyhound Fail* I dusted myself off and the 3 of us headed back toward the vet school. About halfway back, I realized my phone was missing...so I grumpily trudged back to the aforementioned retaining wall, retrieved my phone, and then walked the hounds back to their runs. I'm definitely feeling a bit achy after this escapade.

Peace and love, y'all

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