28 May 2011

Life, Death, and the Veterinarian

Today euthanasia has been heavy on my mind. I've heard people tell me they could never be a veterinarian because they could never euthanize an animal. Euthanasia is tough...and I hold back tears every time, but I truly believe it's the best option in some cases. After all, when you have an animal who is suffering...who won't even get up to eat or drink because of the pain... how can you prolong its suffering especially if you believe its disease process is terminal? It breaks my heart to leave an animal to suffer just for the sake of prolonging its life.

Anyway.... I'll move on to more cheerful Saturday ramblings. It doesn't feel like Saturday. I was at school for most of the morning, did on paper work for a couple of hours while intermittently napping, and now I'm contemplating cleaning my disaster of an apartment. I have to say I'm ready for Wednesday to get here when I start a new block. I haven't cooked a real dinner in weeks and any sense of nutrition has died... Today I ate three donuts...the first because I was hungry, the second because it was different from the first, and the third because I was sad to be stuck at school (and depressed about one of my cases). They were quite tasty :) Then I had a bowl of cereal, two egg rolls, and a bowl of strawberries for my dinner/lunch.

Plans for the week:
-CLEAN the house!!!!
- Study for Surgery exam
-Study for anesthesia exam
-finish loads of paper work regarding my current patients
-Sunday: 8am-8pm work Equine ICU
-Monday: on call
-Tuesday: Work ICU until 12:30am
-Wednesday: 6:00 care for current patients and transfer to new students. 7:30am Orientation of Oncology! NEW BLOCK!!! And the good news is Oncology patients usually go HOME, and so I MIGHT get a weekend off! HOORAY! I <3 sleep.

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