01 May 2011

A layout!

I made a layout that I'm really fond of! I entered it into a CT contest. Haha, I doubt I'll make it, but winning the 10 gift card (drawn at random) would be AWESOME! If by some miracle I do end up on her CT, the requirement is 1 layout a week. I think I could do that. It might be really difficult during my surgery block...but that's not for weeks. And besides...you have to have a little fun!

This is a picture of all the little ribbons I left for Chase listing 100 reasons why I love him. Some of them are quite silly ^_^ Credits are over at Sweet Shoppe...and DST.

Ugh...too bad I have school tomorrow. I have ICU duty until 12:30 am tomorrow. It's going to be a long night! Next Saturday I have the 8pm to 8am shift...another long night! Yucko...yuck..yuck. I can't wait to get out of school. I'm never working an overnight shift! And I'm never going on call again! Unless...of course...I'm paid very well for it....VERY WELL.

Oh...well time for bed.
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