25 May 2011

Kites, corndogs, tornadoes in a veterinary hospital...and hope

Credits are of course in my Sweet Shoppe Gallery.

This has been a rather challenging block for Chase and I. He's working on a paper, and I'm stuck working with ill-fated, 1200lb animals with hard hooves. I love my primary patient (most of the time), but I'm ready to get to a block where I'm working with dogs and cats again. I'm tired of the on-call and late night ICU shifts...colics and broken legs...and the poop. ANYWAY...enough whing... how about something fun!

A friend and I recently went kite flying just for the sheer fun of it. We had a blast and it brought a bit of joy back into my step. Kites will always be a sign of hope for me now. This last Christmas, Chase prayed to see a sign that everything was going to work out alright in the form of a kite. What did we see on the way to the hospital, but a bright red kite caught in a tree! So that's what I think of when I see a kite. On another note, I prayed for corndogs and mac and cheese for lunch at the Zou yesterday (since I was feeling really stressed with the day). Sure enough, we had just that as the daily special. I know those two examples sound perfectly silly, but when specific (albeit silly) prayers are answered so specifically...I can't help but smile and thank God for the many blessings he's poured out on our lives. Even if Chase and I have some struggles coming up in the future (with careers and whatnot), I know God will see us through.

Today was surreal. I performed anesthesia for an elective procedure on horse this morning...went straight into the hall to take shelter immediately after the fellow was recovered and in his stall. The tornado sirens were on full alarm. What happens at a veterinary teaching hospital during a tornado? Well all 100 students + current clients + patients who are able + clinicians pile into the basement level hall and take cover. It was a zoo! There were students with their precious patients in their arms and nervous looking clients everywhere as clicians tried to finish their examinations in the hall! Luckily no tornado touched down in Columbia, and all animals made it safely back to their crates. As soon as that was over, I rushed in to perform anesthesia on an emergency colic. What a day! I just got home to eat two egg rolls, pile my soiled scrubs into the washer, and take a shower! And the whole crazy cycle will start anew tomorrow morning.

Please pray for Chase as he struggles with his pHD.

Peace and love, y'all. Stay safe with the stormy weather!

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