30 April 2011

Saturday W/ Good Inentions

Today I'm on call. Of course I've got my fingers crossed all horses in our service area stay happy and healthy this weekend. Equine is going much better now. I finally got a patient of my own and I'm much more motivated to learn about equines now. I love working with clients and caring for MY patients, but babysitting someone else's patient is less motivating. My clincian said I was doing really well writing SOAPs. SOAPs are annoying to write, but so important! They are what protects you in the even of a lawsuit, and allows another doctor resume the same quality of care if you get transferred off the case. VERY important.

I'm finally getting around to that deep spring cleaning. Chase vacuumed and dusted while I put away all the miscellaneous out-of-place items that accumulated over the week. I'm still struggling to keep up with housework. Oh well. Yesterday I gave Ruby a bath, and today both dogs got their heartworm preventative. Guilty confession: I think I averaged giving it every other month this last year. BAD vet-to-be! BAD!! What's worse is drug reps provide it for free. No excuses for me! I'll check them for heartworms after graduation. When I do graduate, how crappy would it be if my first heartworm positive patients were my own two lovely dogs! Please be better about giving it to your own dogs! Heartworm disease can be life threatening...and it's very expensive to treat.

So as long as I don't get called in... here are my plans for this weekend!

-Vacuum CHECK
-dust CHECK
-shampoo the carpets and get dog-vomit stains up. - CHECK
-Swaps to make ATCs for: Baliwood Brides and French Maids - 1/2 CHECK
-conquer the guest bedroom (I've just kept the door closed and ignored its existance since I got back from TX) - CHECK
-put away all dishes - CHECK
-cook dinner (hopefully it will turn out better than yesterday's margarita salmon dinner...) -CHECK (frozen pizza was indeed better than the salmon)

I suppose it's time to turn off Extreme Makeover Home Edition and get going! You know...as they are revealing the bedrooms, I can't help but thinking the children will grow out of these heavily themed rooms very quickly. Maybe they should make their rooms a little bit more growable... Children aren't going to want to live in a pirate ship forever. But it's awesome for now ^_^

Peace and love, y'all.
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