20 April 2011

Equine Medicine Day 1: The Pink Boots Retire

The horsey case load at school is very small at the moment. I have to admit that I find relief in the slow pace. Horses are just not my thing. Sure they are beautiful creatures to watch, but I'd prefer them to be someone else's problem. They are just too dangerous for my taste. Ways to die on equine rotation include but are not limited to: kicked by hind limbs, trampled by front limbs, bitten, squished by collapsing horse, squished by kicked in door, hit by projectile sent into motion by horse, squished against wall by neurologic horse...like I said...not my cup of tea. I had to retire the pink boots for this block...I used them through food animal and pathology, but the pink color is unacceptable for this one. So I was asked to wear a more conservative color in the future. Despite my disinclination toward horse medicine and lack of cheerfully pink boots, I'm putting on my smiley face and putting forth my best effort. 6 weeks will go by quickly!

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