14 March 2011

Lazy Days Off

My game for Cardiology "Shunts and Ladders" - a trivia game regarding Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Irish Tea Cake :)

This is corn. But I thought it was oddly beautiful.

Chase and I went birding, and I made him set up the tripod for a picture of us. The scenery was just too pretty.

The snow is pouring down today. Juncos, goldfinches, house finches, and occasionally a red breasted nut hatch are hopping around our deck, pecking at the seeds Chase put out for them.

Thursday I leave for my "Texas Rotation," and leave poor Chase to fend for himself in the snow.

Plan for the day:
-Get oil changed in car
-clean the apartment (it's acutally already clean...but there's always something to clean)
-avoid looking at the adoptable children websites (because there's nothing I can do right now, and it makes me cry)
-cook dinner
-master the scone (attempt #2)
-read more books
-update my resume and print for upcoming trip...
-Read bible and pray (especially for Japan)
-stare at the birds while drinking coffee...
-work on my secret plan
-work on digital scrapbook
-Inventory the kitchen (ugh...so much food we don't use/remember buying)


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ART Outfitters said...

I love the photo of the two of you out birding. You are a handsome couple. Katie, tell me about that Irish bread. It looks wonderful.

monkmey said...

Okay, that was Beth who posted that comment but someone else was signed in at my desk so it says its from AO instead. Happy St Patty's Day!

Lauren said...

Hey Katie, that's crazy that you will be in Houston for a month! Yeah we would love to see ya! I'll talk to you when we get back in town.