26 February 2011

Saturday Musings

Last weekend, Chase and I went bowling. I kicked BUTT. No joke! I normally barely ever knock pins down, but for whatever reason I bowled a 119 (a personal best) and smoked everyone! Before all that fun I rearranged the guest room. Now I can decide where to hang all the pictures. Ugh..

Today I had to go check on a patient this morning. I'm sick again (and ever so slightly grumpy) so I went back to bed after I was done that. As for my plans for the rest of this Saturday....

-get dressed
-clean the kitchen
-pick up all the fuzz from a pillow Ruby destroyed
-construct a "Patent Ductus Arteriosis Board Game" (this is my method of avoiding a presentation by making a game)
-Study...study...study....I can't just squeak by w/o studying during this block!
-Buy dog food
-Buy flowers and draw them for Draw! Sketch! Doodle!
-figure out what to cook for the upcoming week...

Of course, I feel like doing none of that on this Saturday afternoon...except perhaps buying myself some flowers.
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phobos said...

So pretty. My smokin' wife smoked everyone. haha

What she's neglecting to say is that she got 2 strikes and a spare in a row. :)