12 February 2011

New Fishy

So Chase and I have successfully kept a betta fish alive for over a year (I think). We've been slowly upgrading General Iroh's crib with new gadgets...first a 10 gallon tank, then a heater... Now we've added a filtration system and 2 emerald cories (Brochis splendens). Now we have Betta splendens and Brochis spendens ^_^ During this transition peroid we're keeping a very close eye on General Iroh to make sure he doesn't bully Montezuma (the smaller one) and Quetzalcoatl (the bigger one), and vice versa. So far General Iroh has chased them a little but he seems to be ignoring them now. They are much, much faster than General Iroh and could swim circles around him. I hope we don't wake up to 3 dead fish tomorrow!

Don't even think about it General Iroh! I see that look on your face!

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