22 February 2011

Mastering the Scone: Attempt 1

Today I decided to make scones for a mini-food day tomorrow. I found a recipe online, and began following it. Lesson #1: Always carefully read the ENTIRE recipe before going grocery shopping. First problem...I didn't have light cream...but I did have whipping cream. So I used that... Then I didn't have unsalted butter, so I used regular butter. Well...I thought the consistency was a bit odd as I was kneading the dough so I added some skim milk. Problem #2 I lacked a pastry blender...so I just used my fingers. That brings me to the finished product...these little, odd tasting bread things. Problem #3 I don't really know what a scone is supposed to be... Did they turn out? Well I don't rightly know, because I've never really had a scone before (well maybe once). The mental picture (or taste) I had in my mind was of essetially flat, wedge shaped muffins (muffins, in my mind, are essentially non iced cupcakes with fruit). However, through internet research I discovered they are supposed to be more like biscuits than a muffin. I also discovered they rhyme with con...not cone. It looks like I'm no scone-artist yet (har har har har- just couldn't resist...get it? rhymes with con artist!), I certainly want to try my hand at a scone later. Perhaps I'll actually follow a recipe...

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