06 February 2011

Girls' Day: Fondue Fun

So as many of you saw on Facebook, I kicked Chase out of the apartment today for a girls-only party. I made chocolate fondue dip in my crock pot and pretzels. Someone else brought a cheese dip (and not your Velveeta based dip...I'm talking a real cheese dip with fancy schmancy cheese, roasted garlic, and white wine), meat balls, bread, veggies, and sodas :) I had angel food cake (cubed), strawberries, pineapple, and marshmallows for dipping in the chocolate. Of course pretzels you could dip in either the chocolate or the cheese. It was soooo blissfully yummy and so peaceful to just hang out with the girls. No drama, no worries.

Kneading my pretzel dough

Rolling the dough and making the pretzels.

The spread of deliciousness (notice our make shift fondue pot). And yes...I did buy Tangled dessert plates, because it was an adorable movie...and it makes me smile ^_^

Hehe...this our first attempt at pretzels. They tasted wonderful, but we didn't quite roll them into thin enough ropes as the pretzels turned out rather pudgy. Pretzel salt and butter would have been great, but a las...we just dipped them in chocolate or cheese and called it a day.

Peace and Love, y'all.

Say a prayer for me tomorrow...it's going to be one BUSY day.
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mamãe said...

I love your makeshift fondue pot! That's quite clever :)

And the pretzels. I love pretzels. Seriously love them.

Looks like you had fun! A girls night is always a good idea :)