03 February 2011

Draw Sketch Doodle!

I caught up on all the challenges for my other blog (Draw! Sketch! Doodle!). Now aren't I a terrible host? I should probably finish challenges a week ahead so I have something to post over there, but i get so DARN BUSY!

Now don't you laugh (well...laugh away if you want, but don't let me know). Think you can't draw...and there's no way you'd try the challenge? well take courage! I can't draw either! But here I am spreading around my mediocrity to hopefully inspire someone to give their right brain a chance to take over for a while.

Here's my self portrait from a mirror. It's kinda messed up! At least it looks like a human face...even if it is a rather anorexic, elderly, grumpy version of myself....


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